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International Conference on Interstellar Dust, Molecules and Chemistry (IDMC-2014)
Tezpur, Assam, India
15 - 18 December, 2014
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The interstellar medium (ISM) consists of a mixture of ions, atoms, molecules, dust grains, cosmic rays, and (galactic) magnetic fields. Thus it is a treasure trove for the study of a wide variety of physical phenomenon. The ISM also plays a crucial role in star and planet formation. The interplay between stars and the ISM determines the lifespan of active star formation and evolution. Recent advances in observational, laboratory, theoretical studies have opened up several avenues of work, made attractive by the possibilities of diverse interdisciplinary interactions. The conference intends to provide platform for expert discussions and presentations with ample opportunities for young and motivated students and researchers to interact and to take up challenging problems in this field.

Broad Topics:

   i)      ISM Overview - Constituents, Observational diagnostics

  ii)      Dust in ISM - Composition, Starlight extinction - observations & models

 iii)      ISM Molecules and Spectroscopy

 iv)      Star Formation - The Role of the ISM

  v)       Dust and molecules in external galaxies

 vi)      Laboratory Astrophysics and Astrochemistry

vii)      Quantum Chemistry

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