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Taming Babel: Language in the Making of Malaysia (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming July 2016) 

The Global Sixties (Afro-Asian Networks, March 2016)

Between the Digital & the Analogue in the 21st Century: History, Technology and the Liberal Arts (February 2015) [pdf]

China's Health Transitions (The Lancet, August 2014) [pdf]

The Forgotten Archives of Malay Communism (Archives of Mobility, May 2014)

'Healing the Nation: Politics, Medicine and Analogies of Health in Southeast Asia' (Draft in forthcoming edited volume on the history of health in Southeast Asia) [pdf]

'Age as a Category of Gender Analysis: Servant Girls, Modern Girls, and Gender in Southeast Asia', Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 71 No. 4 (November 2012) [pdf]

'Do you own non-Chinese mui tsai? Re-examining Race and Female Servitude in Malaya and Hong Kong', Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 46 No. 2 (November 2012), pp. 1736-1763 [pdf]

Using DevonThink for History Research: A Series in Three Parts [I] [II] [III] (AHC, July 2011)

'Reflections on Feminism, Blogging and the Historical Profession', Journal of Women's History, Vol. 22, No. 4 (December 2010), pp. 235-243 [pdf]

REVIEW: Singapore: A Biography (HNN, 5 January 2010)

China and its Year of Résistance (AHC, 4 January 2010)

Only Collect (AHC, 26 November 2008)

The Idea of Southeast Asia (HNN, 18 September 2007)

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~ A Book
I finally wrote one!

~ Bookporn


~ THC21: The Historian's Craft in the 21st Century
An Informal Conversation about Technology & Research Methods

This is a series of discussions I'm convening at Harvard in 2011/2012 about how changes in technology are affecting historical research methods.

~ Book Club for Life
an openly-editable list of books for a lifetime

Inspired by a thread on MetaFilter, here's an openly-editable spreadsheet I pulled together from all the great suggestions in the thread, listing classic works of literature according to its author's age on publication. The idea is to read a book every year by an author who was the same age as you now are when they wrote it. This year I'm reading, apparently, Charles Dickens. The list is open; feel free to add the missing years.

~ The Marco Polo Map
in which I map the Travels of Marco Polo

View Travels of Marco Polo
in a larger map

~ Mentoring
part of a distributed mentoring movement

I occasionally mentor people. I am, unfortunately, no longer able to mentor people in the way I have done in the past -- I've now, alas, too many other obligations and haven't been able to cope with the quantity of requests or do them the justice they deserve. I am so sorry for this. If I can help in any small, specific/finite ways, e.g. book recommendations, do reach out (or even if you'd like to share some of your work and creations with me!) but I can no longer offer a full-fledged mentoring relationship or promise much more than an acknowledgment or a kind (but hopefully prompt) reply. I hope you understand, and thank you so much wanting to reach out. RL 19/1/2015.

~ New Liberal Arts