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The Art of Peace in the Early Cold War (Afro-Asian Networks, July 2017)

Taming Babel: Language in the Making of Malaysia (Cambridge University Press, 2016) 

The Global Sixties (Afro-Asian Networks, March 2016)

An Open Letter to Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim (TMI, 15 April 2015). As TMI was shut down by Malaysian authorities, you can find this letter here

Between the Digital & the Analogue in the 21st Century: History, Technology and the Liberal Arts (February 2015) [pdf]

China's Health Transitions (The Lancet, August 2014) [pdf]

The Forgotten Archives of Malay Communism (Archives of Mobility, May 2014)

'Healing the Nation: Politics, Medicine and Analogies of Health in Southeast Asia' (Draft in forthcoming edited volume on the history of health in Southeast Asia) [pdf]

'Age as a Category of Gender Analysis: Servant Girls, Modern Girls, and Gender in Southeast Asia', Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 71 No. 4 (November 2012) [pdf]

'Do you own non-Chinese mui tsai? Re-examining Race and Female Servitude in Malaya and Hong Kong', Modern Asian Studies, Vol. 46 No. 2 (November 2012), pp. 1736-1763 [pdf]

Using DevonThink for History Research: A Series in Three Parts [I] [II] [III] (AHC, July 2011)

'Reflections on Feminism, Blogging and the Historical Profession', Journal of Women's History, Vol. 22, No. 4 (December 2010), pp. 235-243 [pdf]

REVIEW: Singapore: A Biography (HNN, 5 January 2010)

China and its Year of Résistance (AHC, 4 January 2010)

Only Collect (AHC, 26 November 2008)

The Idea of Southeast Asia (HNN, 18 September 2007)

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~ A Book
I finally wrote one!

~ Bookporn


~ THC21: The Historian's Craft in the 21st Century
An Informal Conversation about Technology & Research Methods

This is a series of discussions I'm convening at Harvard in 2011/2012 about how changes in technology are affecting historical research methods.

~ Book Club for Life
an openly-editable list of books for a lifetime

Inspired by a thread on MetaFilter, here's an openly-editable spreadsheet I pulled together from all the great suggestions in the thread, listing classic works of literature according to its author's age on publication. The idea is to read a book every year by an author who was the same age as you now are when they wrote it. This year I'm reading, apparently, Charles Dickens. The list is open; feel free to add the missing years.

~ The Marco Polo Map
in which I map the Travels of Marco Polo

View Travels of Marco Polo
in a larger map

~ Mentoring
part of a distributed mentoring movement

I occasionally mentor people. I am, unfortunately, no longer able to mentor people in the way I have done in the past -- I've now, alas, too many other obligations and haven't been able to cope with the quantity of requests or do them the justice they deserve. I am so sorry for this. If I can help in any small, specific/finite ways, e.g. book recommendations, do reach out (or even if you'd like to share some of your work and creations with me!) but I can no longer offer a full-fledged mentoring relationship or promise much more than an acknowledgment or a kind (but hopefully prompt) reply. I hope you understand, and thank you so much wanting to reach out. RL 19/1/2015.

~ New Liberal Arts