Welcome to the home page of the Idle Screen Project - a collection of cross-platform, open source screen savers.  The Idle Screen Project is available for Windows and UNIX variants, such as Linux, FreeBSD and Mac OSX.  Please feel free to join the announcement mailing list so that you can stay up to date by sending an email with the subject "Subscribe" to announce-idlescreen-subscribe@googlegroups.com.


Currently, the Idle Screen Project is available as precompiled binaries with an installer for Windows 2000/XP/Vista platforms, or as source code files in .ZIP or .TGZ archives for all platforms. To download the installer for Windows, click on the "Download Now For Windows" icon to the right.  For all other downloads, click on the "Other Downloads" icon, which will take you to the Downloads page.


<< July 24th, 2009 >>

I know it's been several months since the last update.  I unfortunately fell ill with a bad case of this.  Hopefully in the next couple of months I'll have a new version to download, with at least one new screen saver and a handy utility to generate plasma fractals and save them to disk.  Stay tuned!

<< January 9th, 2009 >>

Woohoo! Version 0.8 Beta has been officially released!  The new version includes bug fixes and the addition of help files to PlasmaLenz, plus two new screen savers, called Crawlies and AcidRain, plus a new utility for Windows, called the Randomizer.  For more information on the new additions, please visit the Screen Savers page.  Please click on one of the "Download" icons above to download the newest version!

<< December 24th, 2008 >>

So you may have noticed that we've moved.  Google has deprecated Google Pages and is moving everyone to Google Sites.  Not sure which I prefer, but meh.  As for project news, I am currently working on finishing up the help documentation for PlasmaLenz as well as getting everything to compile with Qt 4.4.0 on Windows.  We should have a new release around the new year.

<< August 16th, 2008 >>

I finally managed to get autoconf working and have a Makefiles in place to compile and install on the UNIX platforms.  I still have to add in some help documentation to PlasmaLenz and the requisite README and INSTALL files before I can put up the beta release.

<< July 12th, 2008 >>

Last night I imported the code for a screen saver/utility that I had written a couple of years ago that emulates some of the functionality that the Windows screen saver system lacks in comparrison to X Screensaver, namely: the ability to use screen savers located in places other than %WINDOWS%\System32, the ability to randomly choose which screen saver to run, and the ability to change screen savers after a set period of time.  It is called "Randomizer", and is now in the repository.  I need to add the ability to hide the desktop so that people can't get a sneak peak when switching screen savers, but otherwise it works pretty well.  It'll appear in the beta release, whenever I can get PlasmaLenz ready.

<< July 9th, 2008 >>

I'm pleased to announce that the Alpha release is out now!  Currently, the only screen saver available is PlasmaLenz, though I have several ideas plus a randomizer that will soon follow the full release, once I get it out.  Of course, soon is relative, since I don't have a lot of time to work on it right now.  Anyway, to download the project, please see the Downloads page, and check out the installation and compilation Wiki pages for instructions.

 << April 20th, 2008 >>

I've added some screen shots for PlasmaLenz, accessible via the screen savers page.  Unfortunately, I still don't have even an Alpha release available yet, but hoping to have something in the near future.     

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