On line resources for research:

Discover Islamic Art
    A fantastic source of images of extant objects from around the world.

Mandragore, Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
    The Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris has a large collection of extant manuscript miniatures. The website is only in French translations services are limited in their usefulness because of the way the information is webbed. Click on "Recherche". Search with the word "arabe" in Descripteur1.

Dar Anahita
    Sayyeda Urtatim has a nice collection of information SCA- period on her website.

Polish Archeology in the Mediterranean
    Searching on this website for information on the excavations at Naqlun yields fascinating information about a cemetery outside of Fatimid Cairo. 

    This free publication has a wide selection of well-written articles about modern and historical topics.

A nice explanation of how to sew pearls onto garb.

On line resources for shopping:

Auntie Arwen's Spices
    A wide selection of spices not found in the average grocery store. A good resource for the historical cook.

Reannag Teine Pottery
    Fantastic reproduction and historically-inspired Middle Eastern pottery. Featuring a number styles and periods. European pottery available as well.