The game of Halo has been a successful franchise for many years and overall its fan build up percentage equals this. 44% are dedicated Spartan fans, 26% are dedicated Elite fans, and 40% are Neutral players with no opinion. 21% of the Spartan fans are loyal to them only because the Campaign is designated off the Spartans point of view. The halo trilogy uses technology that has been viewed by governments and Military's today but Halo has taken that and tripled it. In logic the power of The Covenant arsenal is omnipotent compared to that of the UNSC's. The Covenant's noble tools of conquest are capable of tearing apart any foe whether it be Air force, infantry, or ground vehicles. The UNSC's primitive implements of war are incapable of defeating the Covenants war force in any form. If the campaign was based off of the Elites point of view, the UNSC would have been eradicated within a few decades and the Elites would be this games primary character. That is a point are proud to express to any who may question it, or who are simply interested in the truth.