Important notes for ordering
1. iDisk is the result of a HOBBIST's project with the intention to add more state-of-the-art technologies to the beloved Apple II.
2. iDisk is designed/verified/produced in spare time and holiday.
3. iDisk is not a professional product which can interoperate with almost all the device you may want to use.
4. It is not guarenteed that iDisk is bug-free. However, continuing improvement of iDisk will be conducted and bug will be fixed.
5. The creator of iDisk is not responsible for any data loss with the use of iDisk, it is only provided for vintage computer lovers for having fun with their Apple II for non-mission critical tasks.
6. If you intend to use iDisk on Apple IIgs solely, I suggest you to wait until it is tested on IIgs (Somebody who has II+/IIe and IIgs can offer help on this?). 
7. Please make sure that your Apple working properly, especially Slot 6. Make sure Slot 6 works before ordering.
If you agree the above and are still crazy about getting iDisk, come on in!