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1. Turn off Apple II power.
2. You may need to enlarge the slot hole on the back of the chassis.
3.  Placing the edge connector at slot 6 and incline iDisk card to the left. You need to install iDisk on slot 6 to have maximum compatibility with most disk images.  
4. Move iDisk card to the right and gradually push the edge connector into slot. 
5. Plug Bluetooth dongle into the top USB connector and USB flash drive into the bottom one.
6. Insert the cable into the connector on the disk switching board. You have to make sure the alignment of the cable with the connector.
7. Connect the cable to the connector on the iDisk.
8. Press the reset button on the disk switching controller and hold it there.
9. Turn on the Apple II power then after .5 second release the reset button of the disk switching controller and enjoy it!!