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Folder is where you can put other folders and files into. Using iDisk Folder Menu, you can
1. Go up to the upper folders
2. Go into the folder
3. Directly jump to the root from any folder.
4. Create folders
5. Delete folders if the folder is empty
If there are more than 16 folders, you can use 'Q' and 'A' to scroll to other pages. Use 'I' or 'M' to move the cursor up and down to choose the folder you want.
Press 'K' or 'L' to go to other menus.
Press 'P' to exit iDisk Menu and return to Apple II operation. If there is valid disk image in Drive A, then it will be booted. And if there is no disk image, pressing 'P' will freeze the Apple II, and the only thing you can do is to recycle the Apple II power.