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If Bluetooth dongle is not plugged in, you will see
You can still use iDisk, but just Bluetooth function can not be used.
If Bluetooth dongle is plugged in, and when you press 'L' to enter Bluetooth Menu, you will see blank list of Bluetooth device 
You need to search (In Bluetooth term : Inquire) other Bluetooth device nearby. But first you need to make the Bluetooth device be able to be inquired. There is a checkbox in the Bluetooth configuration on your PC, it says something like 'Make your computer be inquired by other Bluetooth device', just check that.
Then you can either press '1' or '2'. The difference is just the search time. It may not find any Bluetooth device or it finds no the Bluetooth device you want to connect, in this case, you can press 1 or 2 again until it finds the desired one. 
After some time, the names of the discovered Bluetooth device are displyed, there are at most 10 Bluetooth device can be inquired at a time. If fro some reason you want to clear the inquired BT list, you can pree 6 'Refresh' to clear it. You can also see a selection called 'CONNECT' appears. You can press '3' to connect to the Bluetooth device you selected using 'I' or 'M'. Before you actually press '3', you need to do one thing on your PC. Open up the Bluetooth configuration on PC, find the item called 'File Transfer', then uncheck the 'Security' checkbox or something similar to that. This step is very important, otherwise it may not work for some Bluetooth device.
Once you set, press '3' to connect, if on the PC side, a window pops up asking for pin code, just enter one '0'. Some PC Bluetooth software will ask for pin code even you unchecked the 'Security' box. When it successfully connects, you will see
You can either press '1' to disconnect from this Bluetooth device, and repeats the steps to connect to other Bluetooth device. Or you can press '4' or '5' to transfer disk image between Drive A and PC. With this magnificent feature, PC is your virtual storage and you don't need USB pen drive for the operation.
Another thing you need to do is that on your PC Bluetooth configuration, you can choose the Bluetooth file folder, all the Bluetooth transfering will be from and to this folder. You also have to check the box making remote user accessible to that folder.
Final thing, if you want to connect to a Bluetooth device you previously connected to, you need to unpair it first. You just right click on the icon and clikc on 'unpair'.