Known Issues

1. USB Flash Drive has not been tested for large amount of files and folders. It is suggested to keep the usage of the Flash Drive to be much less than the full storage capacity. Please backup your iDisk files often!
2. Format a new disk is not working with iDisk, a workaround is that you can create a formatted disk image using Applewin then use this pre-formatted disk image as a regular disk.
3. Some USB flash drives may need to be plug in right after power on the Apple II. Plug in USB flash drive then power on Apple II may not always work for such flash drives.
4. Some disk images can not get run. Among 300 disk images tested on a 64K Apple IIe, around 5% disk images can not get run properly.
5. Writing to Disk track (DOS command SAVE or BSAVE) is not heavily tested.
6. Not all DOS3.3 commands were tested (CATALOG, (B)LOAD, (B)RUN, (B)SAVE were tested OK)
7. Recycle Apple II power too quickly on some Apple IIs may fail iDisk. For such Apple IIs, wait after 3-5 seconds after turn off the power then turn on the Apple II power will boot iDisk OK.