Firmware Update

This section instructs you how to update iDisk firmware.
1. Connect the cable as shown in the photo, and set the jumper
2. Insert iDisk card and turn on Apple II power
3. Go to control panel of your PC, set the COM port baud rate to 9600.  You can use any COM port from COM1 to COM5.
4. Unzip and install Philips Flash Utility Installation.exe
5. Launch LPC210X_ISP.exe
6. Chnage parameters
7. Click 'Read Device ID' and a window pop up, click 'OK'. If everything is correct, you should be able to see Part ID and Boot Loader ID
8. Click on the Flash Programming Filename button, choose the iDisk_Firmware_Uxxxx_Vxx.hex
9. Click 'Upload to Flash' button, after a while the firmware is updated.
10. Turn off Apple II power, remove the jumper, then turn on Apple II, you can start using iDisk with updated firmware!