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USB Flash Drive

Q: When I format the USB flash drive, what format I need to choose?
A: You need to use FAT16 (or simply FAT). iDisk can not recognize FAT32/NTFS format.
Q: Can the USB flash drive be used on Linux/Mac?
A: Yes, iDisk uses standard FAT16, as long as the PC can recognaize FAT16 (and do most of the PCs).
Q: Is the USB flash drive hot-pluggable?
A: In fact, this feature is supported on iDisk, but not well tested at this point. So the suggestion is that you better not hot-plug the USB flash drive at this moment.
Q: What is the largest size USB flash drive that iDisk can use?
A: Actually no restriction on this. But Windows can only format FAT16 for drive not greater than some certain size (2G????). The largest I've tested is 2GB, so the suggestion is to use under 2GB.
Q: What is the naming rule for the disk image
A: First, you can only use uppercase, at most 8 characters for name and at most 3 for extention. There can be no extention for Folder. Also, space at the end of name will be ignored. This makes the following two names the same, IDISK.A04 and IDISK   .A04. Especially on PC, IDISK.A04 will be IDISK   .A04, so treat them the same.
For the first disk image that will be put on drive A, name the extention A00, and second A01...... etc. For the disk images that will be put on drive B, name the extention B00, B01...etc.