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Q: Can I update the firmware for bug-fixed version?
A: Yes, you can use the cable and the software on the CD comes with iDisk for any firmware update. By doing so, the Flash memory content is rewritten. However, there is one feature provided by iDisk, the iDisk Menu code (a 6502 code) can be updated by placing an 'IDISK.MEN' file under Root directory, every time when iDisk turned on, iDisk search for this file in Root directory, if it finds this file, it will be loaded and executed. If this file is not there, a default iDisk Menu stored in iDisk flash memory is invoked. So if it just the Menu code needs to be updated, you don't have to perform the flash memory updating, you can just put the updated menu code under Root.
Q: So I can make my own Menu?
A: Yes, absolutly. I can provide the iDisk Menu code so that you can modify from it to make your own unique Menu. But I have to say the iDisk Menu code is quite complex and not very well organized, it may take lots efforts to understand and rewrite it.