PTAE Admission Requirements

Application 2019:

Application dates for the fall 2019 ICPTAE program will open January 28, 2019 and close March 28, 2019.  Do not attempt to apply before or after that time frame.  If you are currently in a prerequisite or a required general education course, complete the course and then apply.  This will allow your required courses to be included in the application.  This is a selective-entry program and the following numbers of students will comprise the new class:  CWI - 14 students; CSI - 10 students; LCSC - 6 students; NIC - 10 students.

Background Check
Students who are invited to attend the Idaho Consortium for Physical Therapist Assistant Education will be conditionally accepted. Full acceptance will be based upon a clear criminal background check. Students with a felony record will not be accepted into the program.
Linda Holloway,
Jan 28, 2019, 7:49 AM