The 2nd Interaction Design & Human-Computer Interaction Workshop

in the framework of the

5th International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication (ICTVC)

4-5 June 2013 | Department of Design & Multimedia, University of Nicosia, CYPRUS   
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Interaction Design is about designing interactive products to support the way people communicate and interact in their everyday and working lives.

(Rogers, Sharp and Preece, 2011)

Human computer interaction (HCI), a component of Interaction Design, is concerned with the design, evaluation and implementation of interactive computing systems for the human use and with the study of major phenomena surrounding them (ACM SIGCHI, 1992).

Most people today spend a significant part of their lives in front of a screen, interacting with a computer, a smartphone or a tablet to get their work done, to communicate, to hold meetings, to learn, to socialize with friends, to play games, and so on. This interaction has to therefore be carefully studied, so that designers make well-argued decisions and users are supported by a well-designed interface that offers an optimal user experience.

The workshop’s goal is to stimulate and foster research collaborations between academics, researchers and practitioners whose work is related to interaction design and human computer interaction.

The workshop is endorsed by ACM SIGCHI Cyprus.

Supported by Interfusion Services and the SEED Project.