Confused by call numbers?
 Ever gotten lost while searching for something in the library?
 Need to keep track of the books you've checked out (and where you need to return them?)

Meet BookIt, the library catalog interface for mobile phones!  Let's find out how it works...

1. Enter a call number               2. BookIt shows you where        3. Reserve your Item or
or item name.                            your item is in the library            search other holdings.

In addition, BookIt has a few other cool features, which allow users to...

1. Keep track of when                2. Look up library                        3. Bookmark items to
your items are due                     hours and locations                     search for later

4.  Renew books from               5.  Sign up for SMS alerts
your mobile phone                    for when your items are due

Like what you see?  View the full clickable prototype here: