About Gregory Baus

main blog : Honest To Blog

name : Baus rhymes with 'house'

born : 3 May 1973

hometown : Baltimore, Maryland

(old school Reformed Confessionalist, Covenantal, Calvinist)

work : philosopher, writer, editor, tutor

education : B.A. philosophy Covenant College ''96 / Redeemer University College '03
M.A. philosophy (abd) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam '06

research : metaphilosophy, philosophical anthropology, social philosophy, reformational philosophy

type : ENTP

interests : jazz & folk music, film, sci-fi, cuisine, tobacco, classic diners

politicsKuyperian, Legal Polycentric NonMonopolist Antistatist 

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Gregory was raised primarily in southwest Baltimore, Maryland. He has an older sister and two younger brothers.

His father was a government employee, and Gregory spent his middle school years in Munich, Germany.

He was brought up in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and in early high school Gregory developed an increasingly Reformed theological consciousness. In late high school he discovered his strong interest in philosophy.

After high school, he taught English conversation in
Japan for a year before entering college.

During college he acquired a serious interest in the theology of Meredith Kline * and the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd *. After five years of Liberal Arts study near Chattanooga, Tennessee, Gregory dropped out of college and moved into Baltimore city where he worked odd jobs and instructed children in catechism. He then moved to Escondido, in southern California, for two years, where he apprenticed as a printer and audited courses at a seminary.

He then moved back to Baltimore, working at a coffee shop, until moving to Hamilton, Ontario where he finished his undergraduate degree in philosophy. He spent that summer in Quebec studying French. After two more years back in Baltimore, working at a bookstore, Gregory moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands and began a Masters program in philosophy.

After two years, Gregory returned to the States and lived in the Susquehanna Valley area of Pennsylvania, for about four years, where he worked odd jobs and was an instructor at the
Susque Academy in Trout Run and occasional substitute at Northumberland Christian School. Around this time, after an independent study in economics and political philosophy, he developed an interest in the thought of Murray Rothbard * and was persuaded of libertarian anarchism.

In early 2011 he moved to Phnom Penh, Cambodia where he received a TESOL certificate and taught for eight months. He then moved to Beijing, China and taught English there for about 3 years.

In May 2014, Gregory moved to Budapest, Hungary, where he continues to teach English.   http://angolultanulni.wordpress.com/

You can find a layman's summary of Gregory's philosophical perspective HERE, and his published essay on an important Christian social-philosophy concept, called 'societal sphere sovereignty' is available HERE and HERE.

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