Call for Papers

Workshop on “Experience, Intimacy and Authority”

IV Workshop of the Project “Identity, Memory and Experience”, jointly organized by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Vanderbilt University

After previous events devoted to identity and memory, our fourth workshop will focus specifically on the notion of experience and its connections to intimacy and authority. The aim is to have a broad discussion, which may address some of the following and other related questions:

  • How are experiential perspectives formed and expressed?
  • What kind of authority can experience have?
  • Are our spaces and relations of intimacy based on shared experiences?
  • What are the relations among intimacy, the private domain, and the public domain? How does authority figure in these domains?
  • How do the first-, second-, and third-person perspectives contribute to form experiences? How do they enter into authority relationships?

The workshop, organized by the Project “Identity, Memory and Experience”, will take place on the campus of Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, in Getafe (Madrid), on 20, 21 and 22 June 2012 (IMPORTANT: duration extended by one half-day). The working language of this workshop will be English.

Paper proposals should include a title and an abstract, with a maximum length of 300 words. The deadline for submission of proposals is 15 February 2012. Selected authors will be invited to participate in an online forum discussion of their abstracts on the project’s website before the workshop takes place. - IMPORTANT: Deadline extended until 12 March 2012.

Paper presentations will have a maximum duration of 20 minutes. Papers should have a suitable length for reading or presenting them in that time (roughly around 3000 words). The deadline for submission of selected draft papers is 15 May 2012.- IMPORTANT: Deadline extended until 10 June 2012.

Online discussion forum open as of 10 May 2012.

Abstracts and draft papers, as well as any queries, should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

Filosofía UC3M,
13 ene. 2012 6:42