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Changing Colour Schemes in Vim

posted 6 Mar 2012, 17:07 by Dennis Ideler   [ updated 7 Mar 2012, 22:56 ]

Ever get tired of the colours in Vim? Here's an easy way to cycle through different colours.

1. Save the setcolors script in ~/.vim/plugin/setcolors.vim (Unix) or $HOME/vimfiles/plugin/setcolors.vim (Windows). It will run whenever you start Vim.

2. Download some color schemes and place them in ~/.vim/colors/
Some colour schemes I used are deveiate.vim, mustang.vim, and ps_color.vim.

3. Now when you're running Vim, press F8 to cycle between your colour schemes!

Vim also comes with its own colour schemes. To find out which you have:
  $ ls -1 /usr/share/vim/vim73/colors/ # Your vim number may differ.
Then to load one (e.g. darkblue) from Vim's command mode:
  :colorscheme darkblue.vim

For more information on colour schemes, check out