Volunteer Coordinator's Network of South Georgian Bay

The Volunteer Coordinator's Network is spearheading an initiative to revolutionize the way South Georgian Bay does volunteering! Check the calendar below for our meeting times and events.

We are working to embrace the Health Link model in our community and establish strong collaboration between health and community service organizations to meet the needs of our community.

Check out our volunteer opportunities on VolunteerConnection.ca. Look under South Georgian Bay. Or visit our provincial partner site at FindmySpark.ca

Idea #1:

Today, volunteers are registered, screened, police checked with each organization they want to volunteer with. Let’s consolidate into a single, shared database of registered, screened volunteers.

  • we are working on a shared registration form, supporting documents and procedures
  • we share volunteer needs of other organizations with our own volunteers

Idea #2:

Today, potential volunteers have multiple places to look for volunteer opportunities. Let’s centralize volunteer opportunities in an online space, and use 211 for those who don’t use a computer/Internet.

  • we post our opportunities on the website - VolunteerConnection.ca. Our volunteer opportunities are synced to the new provincial volunteer gateway - FindMySpark.ca.
  • we have funding to develop a webpage on this site for South Georgian Bay (October 28th 2015 launch)

Idea #3:

Today, new generation volunteers are looking for episodic, virtual, & one-time opportunities. Let’s change how volunteer opportunities are currently structured to reflect episodic, one-time opportunities.

  • some of us are trying this out - check out Home for Life's volunteer opportunities at VolunteerConnection.ca 

Idea #4:

Today, some volunteer opportunities don’t require registered, screened, police checked volunteers (IE students, service club projects, festivals). Let’s centralize volunteer opportunities with a separate online space for these types of volunteer needs, and have one number to call for those who don’t use a computer/Internet.

  • we will incorporate this on our new South Georgian Bay webpage

Idea #5:

Today, volunteers receive training by each organization they have registered with. Let’s establish a collaborative training model, and open training sessions to all volunteers.

  • this is in the works.


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