Where there has been some contention between the political parties and the average U.S. Citizen concerning what should be done I decided to put forth some of my ideas on how things should be changed in the way government handles various contentious issues, I wrote these a few years ago and sent them to various politicians around the country with no real response from them which is why I started this site.  I am open to compiling and posting other ideas for this website provided that they are honest attempts at putting forth what the individual believes are good ideas and do not play into parties with their own agenda when making changes.
Each page on the site is for a specific idea I have.  By no means do I claim to know if these are good ideas or that people would agree with me.  If I new for sure I could get enough people to agree with various points in these ideas I would push forward with them.  If I thought that these were good enough I would try to become a politician but I doubt these would get me anywhere in politics.
These are meant to get people talking and possibly get people to actually take action on the things that could be good for the country.  I would also like to take this time to ask that people actually take action and do more than just keep complaining about how badly the system is broken sighting what they feel is wrong and saying that they want change but then doing nothing to back up their words.
I would also like to challange people to actually come up with their own ideas and put them in a forum like this whether it be a website or a blog while ensuring that they are openly shared to help get their ideas out there that they feel will change government for the better.
Please take the time to read my ideas and contact me regarding how you thought of my ideas.  I will add new ideas when I can and have no problem adding ideas of others and would give proper credit for such ideas.
Thank you
Sean Davis.