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Keynote Title: Making Blended Learning Awesome   WEBINAR LINK   10:20-10:50 AM  Power Point Presentation

Why is blended learning a hot buzzword? What does it mean to teachers and schools, and how does it change learning for students? Blended learning is about helping students be more socially intelligent. Blended learning is about helping students become engaged global citizens. Blended learning is about helping students become free agent learners. Blended learning is about focusing on the whole child. This presentation will share where popular instructional methodologies and learning technologies intersect to improve student engagement in learning. And this presentation will share a wide variety of successful classroom and school-wide implementation examples of blended learning.


Jed Friedrichsen’s career in K-12 education is dedicated to helping school districts build capacity to provide expanded and enriched learning experiences to students. Ten years ago, Jed helped a group of small and rural school districts in Pennsylvania create is a not-for-profit corporation that helps schools deliver robust, engaging learning experiences for students by providing online learning technologies, K-12 curriculum and professional development.

In addition, the Language Institute provides critical language instruction to students. This semester, supports 300,000 course enrollments from 165 school districts. As the CEO, Jed spearheads the company vision and helps facilitate the operations. While at the University of Nebraska, fifteen years ago Jed helped create the nation’s first fully accredited, online high school.

His statewide professional development programs in Pennsylvania have included the topics of Internet content in the classroom, online communication and collaboration, fostering learning networks, and aligning local curriculum and instruction to academic standards. Jed has served as an advisor for the Oracle Corporation, MarcoPolo Educational Foundation and several state virtual school initiatives. Jed lives near Columbia, Missouri, and is an avid canoeist, hiker, and woodworker.

Amy Jaramillo,
Apr 10, 2012, 9:39 AM