Shire of Pont Alarch
Coronet Tournament on the feast day of St Hild

17 - 19 November 2017

Linnet Clough Scout Camp Gibb Lane Mellor Marple Bridge

Near Stockport Cheshire SK6 5NB

As Yannick and Alana, Prince and Princess of Insulae Draconis claimed their thrones by honourable combat on the field at Crawfordsburn, so too must they hold a tournament to determine who will succeed them upon their thrones. This tournament will be held in the lands between the Shire of Pont Alarch and the shire of Deepdene under Wychwood upon the lands of Linnet Clough on the third Saturday of November, as autumn turns to winter. Come one and all and witness the tournament, the investiture of the new Prince and Princess of the fair lands of Insulae Draconis and feast and be merry with them!

As St Hild was a patron of the arts and of learning and especially of poetry any wishing to perform would be most welcome. Their Highnesses have expressed a wish that the poetry be in any dialect of the isles and that it be recited at the feast of their heirs.


The feast will be in the Norlog Building. It is not expected at this stage that the capacity of the Hall will be exceeded, but just in case, seats will be allocated on a first confirmed basis.



Site Opens 17:00

Travellers food 18:00-19:30

Parliament 20:00-20:29

Court 20:30 till finish


08:00-09:29 Breakfast

09:30-09.59 Armour inspections

10:00-11.59 Tourney

12:00-12:59 lunch

13:00-15:59 Arts and Science Display

13:00-13:59 Heavy Champions

14:00-14:59 Fencing Champions

15:00-15:59 CIC AGM

16:00-17:30 Court

18:00 Feast 

There may be minor changes especially to court times but the rest of the timetable shouldn't change.