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Ida Dance School, the first high-quality privately owned ballet school in Tartu, was founded in 1994 by Alla Lilleorg, Tamara Kõrreveski, Tiit Lilleorg and Kaljo Urbel. The school was named in the memory of Madame Ida Urbel, the Grande Dame of Estonia's ballet. Madame Urbel was closely involved in developing ballet education in Tartu and in early 20th century established a ballet studio in the premises of theater Vanemuine, which is still active under a different name.

Starting with 1999 Ida Dance School is administered by non-profit organisation Muusa. Classical ballet is the major course as provided by the 9-year study plan which is guided by modern schooling methods of the leading Russian ballet experts, as one of the most renowned in the world.

The school's goal is to introduce children to the fundamentals of art and provide them with a solid classical ballet education which could open up opportunities for children in other dance styles as well.


We prioritize hard work, discipline and persistence, giving every child an opportunity to pursue their talents through acquiring professional skills. We prioritize preciseness as a major premise for professionalism. As a profession education school we are seeking to promote the sphere of profession education in general. Over 50 students from Tartu and the county, from several kindergartens and 13 schools ranging from 4 to 17 years of age study at Ida Dance School for the total of 57 hours a week. Since we do not have our own premises we are renting rooms from Catholic School as well as Tartu Laululava both of which we gladly regard as wonderful partners.

Our staff teachers are persons of great professional enthusiasm mostly with Tallinn Ballet School diploma. We have 6 dance teachers, 2 pianists and 2 teachers of supplementary classes.



The 2006 graduate Triinu Leppik performes the

modern dance on the music Vivaldi

To the best students our school offers a variety of original stage perfomance opportunities. Namely, classical ballet variations, pieces for younger students as well as for pre-school children, etc.

Annual ballets and concerts are performed to Tartu audience, young and old, by our school on Theater Vanemuine stage with the support of the latter and the Tartu city. The Town Hall has gradually become a reliable and valuable partner, which has always supported the shool's activities. Of state entities the deepest gratitude should be extended to the Ministry of Culture and Tallinn Ballet School. Annual international dance school concert "Arabesk" organized by Ida Dance School is famous for its original program and a constantly widening geography of participation.

We stage our new ballets and coreographies in one of the most beautiful spots in south Estonia, Urvaste, the venue for our annual stage practice summer camp. Ida Dance School is open to and interested in various types of cooperation and partnerhsips with institutions for children dance education of the similar profile also beyond the country's borders.

Some of our remarkable achievements in international level are the place among the finalists for our student Triinu Leppik in the international ballet festival for Nordic and the Baltic states, Stora Daldansen Competition (Mora, Sweden) in both 2004 and 2005. In 2007 we participated first time in the international meeting of children ballet schools in St Petersbourg - this will hopefully be the start for a long-term cooperation.

2006 was the graduation year of our first student-graduates. The school held final diploma concerts and final exams.


Let us work jointly, and keep in touch over time and space, bearing in memory the image of Ida Urbel ...


Yours sincerely


Tiit Lilleorg, Headmaster

Phone +372 736 7636