We are a group of like minded racers that enjoy helping others and most important like to have fun!

Speedway Kart Racing is exhilarating, it’s the kind of fun that you can’t match with any ordinary past time.  But one of the most rewarding aspects of karting lies in the preparation and anticipation of trying out your hard work and seeing the fruits of your labor put to the test, against others with just as much desire to win.

Speedway Kart racing takes place on asphalt or dirt oval tracks which are normally between 1/10 mile and 1/5 mile in size.

Races range in length from 4 laps for a trophy dash, to 25 laps or more for a main event.

2016 Idaho Speedway Karting Champions

Kid Karts:
Brady Ransom

Jr Speedway:
Peyton Cook

Senior 4 Cycle:
Dale Smitchger

Idaho UAS:
Josh Culley

2017 Idaho UAS / ISK Schedule

March 10-12 - 45th Annual
Boise Roadster Show

April 21 - Sand Hollow

April 26 -Meridian Speedway- 4pm
Rained out

April 29 - Black Canyon Speedway -
Test & Tune - 12 noon
Rained out

May 6 -Black Canyon Speedway- 5pm

May 21 - SandHollow Raceway Park - 9am

June 10 - Sunset Speedway -
 Spokane, WA - 7pm
- ID UAS 1/4 Point Race - 

June 21-Meridian Speedway-

July 14-Meridian Speedway-
Dirty Cup - 4pm

July 15-Meridian Speedway-
Dirty Cup - 4pm
- ID UAS 1/4 Point Race -

August 19 - Black Canyon Speedway - 3pm

Sept 6 - Meridian Speedway -
2017 Idaho UAS Regional Championship - 4pm
(Idaho UAS 1/4 Point Rain Out Date)

Sept 22 - AKA Speedway -
Phoenix, AZ
2017 UAS Grand Nationals

Sept 23 - AKA Speedway -
Phoenix, AZ
2017 UAS Grand Nationals

Oct 14 - Meridian Speedway
Race O Rama - 4pm
(No UAS points)

Oct 15 - Meridian Speedway
Race O Rama - 12 Noon
2017 ISK Championship
(No UAS Points)


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2017 Boise Roadster Show

Idaho UAS:


Senior 4 Cycle