EIRRC Meeting, Wednesday, May 4

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Please join us at our next meeting, located at University Place in Idaho Falls, 1784 Science Center Drive

Bennion Student Union Building, room 109  10:00 am-12:00 noon
Parking Pass is required (attached).


1.       Introductions

2.       Review and accept meeting minutes from February 24 meeting.

3.       Presentation by Scott Bergen, Phd. of Idaho Fish & Game on Wildlife Mapping and GIS

4.       ESRI User’s Conference in June: who’s going, and what to look for

5.       TWG updates

6.       Further discussion of EIRRC name / logo change

7.       Needed web site updates, project status

8.       Optional post-meeting lunch, location TBD

Minutes from February 24the Meeting

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 EIRRC Minutes for February 24, 2016

10:00 AM University Place, Idaho Falls

Attendance:    Greg Newkirk (Fremont County), Keith Weber (ISU), Andy Newbry (Rupert), Rob Marin (Teton County), Heather Studley (Bannock County) and Colten Hopkin (Bannock County), Nikolaus Sternbentz (ITD), Craig Rindlisbacher (Rexburg), Carol Ellison (Ammon), Angie Rudolph and Rich Greenwood (Greenwood Mapping), Stewart Ward (by phone)


·   Craig moved and Keith seconded to approve the minutes. The minutes were approved.

·      Rich Greenwood presented his Mapserver Technology by demonstrating Teton County, Wyoming. (www.greenwoodmapping.com  http://maps.greenwoodmap.com/tetonwy/mapserver/ ) 

This included his incorporation of document search into the mapping technology and the use of Google imagery.

·      Keith provided an update on the IGCEC and the new ITC data standard. He indicated that it was approved. It will apply to state agencies and embraces web services over desktop. 

·       Rob indicated that he put up a new list and REST endpoints along with other updates on the web and asked for feedback on these.

·       New google imagery is available at 6” resolution, 3-band for the entire state. The cost is $44K/year but Keith is uncertain what agencies would be allowed to participate and how much each participant would need to contribute to gain access.

·       Rob went to the INL lab & university user’s group meeting. He talked with Sera White about merging the two entities, but they want to meet every 2-4 months at 4:00 PM. They also talked about what interests could bring the two groups together.

·       A discussion ensure about a new name for EIRRC (suggested by Sue Parsons) because this name can be a mouthful. The nickname of East Idaho GIS was suggested. Keith noted that the formal name should remain the same, but a nickname might be appropriate. Heather and Andy will consider a logo and new name.

·       Greg started a conversation about competing venues for the 2017 intermountain GIS conference. The group decided that West Yellowstone is the preferred venue. Heather and Andy will come up with a logo and them.

·       Rob suggested the next meeting be in April and would see if Pam Bond could make a presentation at that meeting.

·       Meeting adjourned at 12:10

EIRRC Meeting, February 24

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Please join us at our next meeting, located at University Place in Idaho Falls, 1784 Science Center Drive
Bennion Student Union Building, room 109  10:00 am-12:00 noon
Parking Pass is required (attached)



1.       Introductions

2.       Review and accept meeting minutes from January 27 meeting.

3.       Presentation by Rich Greenwood of Greenwood Mapping: Open Source Map Server / GIS

4.       ArcGIS Online “show & tell” by EIRRC members

5.       Discussion: comparing ESRI / non-ESRI GIS web solutions

6.       Update on IGCEC meeting / ITA standards.

7.       TWG updates

8.       Updates to EIRRC website

9.       Report on Idaho Falls “GIS User’s Group” meeting

10.    Discussion of EIRRC changes / meeting schedule

11. 2017 Northern Rockies URISA Conference (March/April, 2017)

12.    Optional post-meeting lunch, location TBD

Special IGC-EC Meeting

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There is a special meeting of the IGC-EC to be held February 4, 2016 to vote on the attached draft data standards. Please review these standards and submit any comments to Erin Seaman (Erin.Seaman@cio.idaho.gov)

If you wish to join the meeting in person, please notify Erin so she can ensure sufficient seating. 

Date:                     Thursday, February 4th
Time:                     10:00 - 10:30 am (Mountain)
Location:            Dept. of Administration 650 W. State St., Room 100, Boise 

Via teleconference: Phone:  1-877-820-7831  Guest passcode:  958526 (followed by the # sign)

Minutes from the January 27, 2016 meeting

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Attendance:     Eric Verner (ITD), Nickolaus Sternbentz (ITD), Dennis Hill (City of Pocatello), Greg Newkirk (Fremont County), Keith Weber (ISU), Andy Newbry (Rupert), Rob Marin (Teton County), Heather Studley (Bannock County), Colten Hopkin (Bannock County), Kade Smith (BYUI), Susan Parsons (ISU – phone), Craig Rindlisbacher (Rexburg) and Eric Smith (Jefferson County)


·         The minutes of November 18, 2015 were approved.

·         A review of the bylaws indicates that the last president Dennis Hill is to serve as VP for the coming period.

·         Keith Weber presented the NASA RECOVER program that is administered out of the ISU GIS Center. He indicated that it was created from a NASA grant that lasted for 3 years and was renewed for another 3 years. The website can be found at http://giscenter.isu.edu/Research/Techpg/nasa_RECOVER/index.htm. He also sent around a NASA book called SPINOFF. A PDF of the document can be downloaded from https://spinoff.nasa.gov/Spinoff2016/index.html. Keith described the steps to using the product, how it works and the final products. Lastly, he discussed how it will need to eventually obtain long-term operational funding to continue.

·         The group then engaged in a discussion about aerial photography. The 2015 NAIP photography is ready for download as county mosaics, but not yet available for placing on the ISU server. Other higher resolution services are available, but are either expensive or spotty in temporal or spatial resolution. A Google Earth re-seller is offering state-wide imagery service using Google 1-ft imagery for around $25,000.

·         The group then engaged in a discussion about TWG’s (technical working groups). Keith talked about the new control point standard that is under development. This is different from the requirements for getting control points placed in the MCPD (multi-state control point database). The group identified how developments in NextGen 911 will affect standards for other GIS records such as structures, parcels, roads, etc. Eric Verner indicated that the newly adopted federal transportation legislation will take a few months before its effect upon ARNOLD (all roads network of linear referenced data) can be determined.

·         Dennis then began a discussion on the IGCEC’s (Idaho geospatial council executive committee) efforts to adopt new data standards that will apply to all state agencies and will affect other entities within Idaho that interact with them. The committee has a planned vote on the draft standards set for 2/4/2016. Dennis also noted that the committee will be proceeding with new elections for 2/19/2016 and that nominations are welcome.

·         Rob then began a discussion on what constitutes the EIRRC mission. Is it primarily a standards and data-sharing group, a user-support group, or both? Is it a collective voice? If so, how can we expand it? Providing training opportunities, more show and tell regarding what each member is doing, and reaching out for other voices such as state and federal agencies, tribal representatives, etc. can help increase the effectiveness of our regional efforts.

·         During the lunch hour, the group discussed establishing a committee to oversee the 2017 regional GIS conference, which will be held in Eastern Idaho this time. Craig, Dennis, Greg, Heather and others expressed interest in serving on this committee. Craig has some specific ideas about where to hold the conference this biennium including West Yellowstone.

Minutes from November 18, 2015 EIRRC Meeting

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 EIRRC Minutes for November 18, 2015
10:00 AM University Place, Idaho Falls
Attendance: Eric Verner (ITD), Dennis Hill (City of Pocatello), Greg Newkirk (Fremont County), Ryan Pierson (Elecdata), Keith Weber (ISU), Andy Newbry (Rupert), Rob Marin (Teton County), Heather Studley (Bannock County) and Colten Hopkin (Bannock County)

Keith Weber provided an update on the MCPD (his efforts at web optimizing) and the opportunity to acquire Google Imagery as a service from its 3rd party provider (SICS.com) for $25K/annually for the entire state of Idaho.

Keith also reported on the National Geospatial Data Act of 2015 that Senator Risch was asked to step off the bill and for more Democrats to sign on that it might have more bipartisan appeal. However, the bill still is not moving very fast.

Rob Marin reported on the URISA conference in Spokane, having attended various sessions and learning about the ESRI App Studio.

Dennis Hill noted that Craig Rindlisbacher will be a conference chair for the 2017 NR URISA Conference. Craig is exploring the possibility of holding the conference in West Yellowstone. In the past, the conference was held at ISU for a reduced cost and made money for the chapter. If it is held in a resort community, costs will be significantly higher and fewer people might attend.

Eric Verner provided an update on ARNOLD, particularly its Linear Reference System. He also noted that ESRI will provide some in state training for ArcGIS Online and there may be seats available.

Keith Weber provided an update on the stat’s strategic GIS plan. He noted that GIS professionals have doubled in the state since its inception and that many more cities and counties employ GIS staff and use GIS in their operations.

Ryan Pierson indicated there will be GIS training in January with Michael Clancy as the instructor and how ESRI’s Local Government Information Model can be used to push data up to ArcGIS Online. He also talked about the R1 and R2 systems, their popularity, accuracy and price.

Dennis Hill withdrew as Chair of the EIRRC due to increased work commitments. Dennis and Keith Weber suggested Rob Marin, GIS Coordinator for Teton County, as a candidate for the chair position. Rob Marin accepted the position, though no formal election was held.

Next Meeting is January 27, 2016

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Please join us at our next meeting, located at University Place in Idaho Falls.
Bennion Student Union Building room 109.  10:00-12:00 am.
Parking Pass is required (attached)

Next Meeting is March 4th, 2015

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Please join us at our next meeting, located at University Place in Idaho Falls.
Bennion Student Union Building room 109.  9:30-11:30 am.
Parking Pass is required (attached)


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Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2013

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2013 - DRAFT




1.      Review and accept meeting minutes

2.      TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.      Communication Styles – presentations/videos by Sue Parsons and/or Dennis Hill/Todd Quast

4.      Member participation on the EIRRC group – ArcGIS Online (Craig)

5.      Update on the Idaho Sheriff’s Association taking the lead on NG911

6.      Further discussion on EIRRC Elections

7.      Round table discussion/proposal with Greg Warner

8.      Any additional items



Craig Rindlisbacher, Keith Weber, Greg Newkirk, Michael Weggeland (Fremont County), Sue Parsons, Eric Verner, Justin Steffler, Eric Smith, Dennis Hill, Dawn Leatham, Kirk Becker, Greg Warner

On the phone: Susan Reynolds and TJ Abbenhaus


ArcUser – www.esri.com/esri-news/arcuser

Dennis H to run the meeting


·         Keith W moved to accept the minutes.  Eric V seconded the motion.  All in Favor.

·         Parcels – (Dennis H) – no report, TWG meets next week.  Bill F told Dennis that 3 northern ID counties are joining.  Sue P asked the question about why participate in the State Parcel effort (because those are the questions that she is getting.  Keith W mentioned that it would be less work because they would not have to put up a county viewer for their parcels – functioning as a region and therefore, benefits 911.  Leverage comes from a collaborative/team effort.  Participating counties are listed on the State GIO’s website.  Bill F sent out information to test their AGOL site concerning parcels last week.  AccessID is where you go to download the counties’ information.

·         Transportation - (Eric V) – Kick off meeting to be held next week.  Response is good.  ARNOLD process – will server federal highway centerline dataset for all public roads in ID – is Linear and Addressed.  Eric would like EIRRC to call in and give perspective, background, etc.  Eric S volunteered?

·         Controls – (Keith W) – MCPD/Geodetic Control next meeting on the 26th.  District 5 is close to submitting their control points to the MCPD.  Keith is looking for letters of support concerning the NSF grant he is trying to get for the RTN.  Eric V reported that Rayce is working on an agreement with Dioptra for additional Control Points.  Contract is not signed yet.  MCPD will soon be available only through ISU.

·         Boundaries – Craig R reported that Joe Johns is activating that TWG.  Bonnie is attending as his meeting is scheduled at the same time ours is.

·         Sue P gave a presentation based upon the Communications/NSF presentation made by Kindra Serr last month.  She presented her issues and suggestions were made.  Eric S said that he has good pictures and documents for presentations to those that are not familiar with GIS/IT.  IGC has good information also.  Authoritative datasets need to be defined.  Please contact with Sue with any additional recommendations, suggestions, etc.

·         AGOL – Community Art – Groups – Mrgis.maps.argis.com/home/groups.html – EIRRC group.  Must have an AGOL account to participate.  Dennis suggested putting together a parcel AGOL resource for our region which may help with Bill F’s efforts.  Possibly create an area where parcel mappers can go for GLO/STC/TIM parcels/MCPD/NAIP etc. A suggestion was made to check out the ArcNews segment on creating your own collector map.  No more upload/download/wait until you get back into the office to sync data.  Susan R mentioned that the Collector Application will have an update later this year.  Craig R will be doing a presentation/workshop at GIS Day (November 20).

·         Greg W reported that he gave a webinar 2 months ago on the premise of a regional dispatching center and virtual center (from the MT/UT corridor).  NextGen911 solution is caring where people are standing, not where they live.  The 911 center is now the driver in Bonneville County (they are hosting, setting the standards and working with different entities) to solve the problem of dispatching from a regional perspective rather than just a county perspective.  This new perspective will be a group of people, solving issues and then giving those that are interested access.  May be a possible best solution for a regional first responder map.  The Unified Transportation Layer is right along the lines of what they think will work best.  Eric S mentioned the Bulberry assessment of state framework datasets and asked what can we do with this document.  Eric will send out the document to everyone or make it available?  The document was not vendor specific.  Craig mentioned that it seems to him that the integration of the data and the technology will all take care of itself if we can figure out how to make the decisions – an organizational issue – what is the need/priority/how to apply test against data – realized for ng911 have to have a level of data that we don’t have currently – no missing attributes or geometry – nearly perfect data – how do we get there?  How do we not reinvent the wheel?  How to come to that product.  Everything else will follow.  Specifically looking for what format is needed for NG911, the expectation of those that participate – possibly discuss specifics at our next meeting? Need is growing faster than what we are moving for TIM efforts.

·         Elections – Opportunity at GIS Day.  Keith suggested to keep the Chair and Co-Chair positions, to ensure meetings and agendas.  Both Craig and Dawn would like to see others in these positions. 

·         Keith W reported that the General IGC-EC meeting is in October in Boise, ID.  Esri will be hosting a Roadshow that same day, with a focus on ArcGIS Online. 


Meeting adjourned 11:58


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