Next Meeting is March 4th, 2015

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Please join us at our next meeting, located at University Place in Idaho Falls.
Bennion Student Union Building room 109.  9:30-11:30 am.
Parking Pass is required (attached)


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Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2013

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for September 18, 2013 - DRAFT




1.      Review and accept meeting minutes

2.      TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.      Communication Styles – presentations/videos by Sue Parsons and/or Dennis Hill/Todd Quast

4.      Member participation on the EIRRC group – ArcGIS Online (Craig)

5.      Update on the Idaho Sheriff’s Association taking the lead on NG911

6.      Further discussion on EIRRC Elections

7.      Round table discussion/proposal with Greg Warner

8.      Any additional items



Craig Rindlisbacher, Keith Weber, Greg Newkirk, Michael Weggeland (Fremont County), Sue Parsons, Eric Verner, Justin Steffler, Eric Smith, Dennis Hill, Dawn Leatham, Kirk Becker, Greg Warner

On the phone: Susan Reynolds and TJ Abbenhaus


ArcUser –

Dennis H to run the meeting


·         Keith W moved to accept the minutes.  Eric V seconded the motion.  All in Favor.

·         Parcels – (Dennis H) – no report, TWG meets next week.  Bill F told Dennis that 3 northern ID counties are joining.  Sue P asked the question about why participate in the State Parcel effort (because those are the questions that she is getting.  Keith W mentioned that it would be less work because they would not have to put up a county viewer for their parcels – functioning as a region and therefore, benefits 911.  Leverage comes from a collaborative/team effort.  Participating counties are listed on the State GIO’s website.  Bill F sent out information to test their AGOL site concerning parcels last week.  AccessID is where you go to download the counties’ information.

·         Transportation - (Eric V) – Kick off meeting to be held next week.  Response is good.  ARNOLD process – will server federal highway centerline dataset for all public roads in ID – is Linear and Addressed.  Eric would like EIRRC to call in and give perspective, background, etc.  Eric S volunteered?

·         Controls – (Keith W) – MCPD/Geodetic Control next meeting on the 26th.  District 5 is close to submitting their control points to the MCPD.  Keith is looking for letters of support concerning the NSF grant he is trying to get for the RTN.  Eric V reported that Rayce is working on an agreement with Dioptra for additional Control Points.  Contract is not signed yet.  MCPD will soon be available only through ISU.

·         Boundaries – Craig R reported that Joe Johns is activating that TWG.  Bonnie is attending as his meeting is scheduled at the same time ours is.

·         Sue P gave a presentation based upon the Communications/NSF presentation made by Kindra Serr last month.  She presented her issues and suggestions were made.  Eric S said that he has good pictures and documents for presentations to those that are not familiar with GIS/IT.  IGC has good information also.  Authoritative datasets need to be defined.  Please contact with Sue with any additional recommendations, suggestions, etc.

·         AGOL – Community Art – Groups – – EIRRC group.  Must have an AGOL account to participate.  Dennis suggested putting together a parcel AGOL resource for our region which may help with Bill F’s efforts.  Possibly create an area where parcel mappers can go for GLO/STC/TIM parcels/MCPD/NAIP etc. A suggestion was made to check out the ArcNews segment on creating your own collector map.  No more upload/download/wait until you get back into the office to sync data.  Susan R mentioned that the Collector Application will have an update later this year.  Craig R will be doing a presentation/workshop at GIS Day (November 20).

·         Greg W reported that he gave a webinar 2 months ago on the premise of a regional dispatching center and virtual center (from the MT/UT corridor).  NextGen911 solution is caring where people are standing, not where they live.  The 911 center is now the driver in Bonneville County (they are hosting, setting the standards and working with different entities) to solve the problem of dispatching from a regional perspective rather than just a county perspective.  This new perspective will be a group of people, solving issues and then giving those that are interested access.  May be a possible best solution for a regional first responder map.  The Unified Transportation Layer is right along the lines of what they think will work best.  Eric S mentioned the Bulberry assessment of state framework datasets and asked what can we do with this document.  Eric will send out the document to everyone or make it available?  The document was not vendor specific.  Craig mentioned that it seems to him that the integration of the data and the technology will all take care of itself if we can figure out how to make the decisions – an organizational issue – what is the need/priority/how to apply test against data – realized for ng911 have to have a level of data that we don’t have currently – no missing attributes or geometry – nearly perfect data – how do we get there?  How do we not reinvent the wheel?  How to come to that product.  Everything else will follow.  Specifically looking for what format is needed for NG911, the expectation of those that participate – possibly discuss specifics at our next meeting? Need is growing faster than what we are moving for TIM efforts.

·         Elections – Opportunity at GIS Day.  Keith suggested to keep the Chair and Co-Chair positions, to ensure meetings and agendas.  Both Craig and Dawn would like to see others in these positions. 

·         Keith W reported that the General IGC-EC meeting is in October in Boise, ID.  Esri will be hosting a Roadshow that same day, with a focus on ArcGIS Online. 


Meeting adjourned 11:58


Meeting Minutes for November 20, 2013 - DRAFT

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Minutes November 20, 2013 DRAFT

Idaho State University

The EIRRC meeting was held in conjunction with World GIS Day at 2:30 pm


 ITEMS Discussed (we didn’t have an actual agenda):

1.       Keith Weber reviewed the creation of the RRC’s (there were a lot of attendees that were new)

2.       Keith Weber announced the results from the recent vote for Chair and Vice-Chair 

a.       Dennis Hill Chair

b.      Susan Parsons Vice-Chair

3.       Dennis Hill discussed that the EIRRC will focus on getting a regional feature class to be served out as a service (host to be determined). Members were tasked to bring one idea to the next meeting and well vote on what feature class to work on.   Members in attendance agreed that the future of the EIRRC needs to be linked to actual data sets served up as a service to be consumed in various platforms.

4.       Sue Parsons brought up broadening the member base of the EIRRC to include more state and federal representatives.  Craig R. mentioned that he felt that other agencies lost interest when the RRC focused on local government issues.

5.       Bill Farnsworth asked for ideas getting more of the regions Parcel Data sets.

Items left for next meeting (tentatively Jan 15 2014) (Keith can you get us a meeting place in IF?)

1.       If Dawn L. is going to want to give up taking minutes (Dawn is Vice-Chair /Sue?)

2.       Webmaster   Eric S.?

Meeting adjourned 4:40pm

September 18, 2013 Agenda

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EIRRC Agenda for September 18, 2013




1.      Review and accept meeting minutes

2.      TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.      Communication Styles – presentations/videos by Sue Parsons and/or Dennis Hill/Todd Quast

4.      Member participation on the EIRRC group – ArcGIS Online (Craig)

5.      Update on the Idaho Sheriff’s Association taking the lead on NG911

6.      Further discussion on EIRRC Elections

7.      Round table discussion/proposal with Greg Warner

8.      Any additional items




**MEETING PLACE CHANGE:  10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. – September 18, 2013 – Room 109 in the Bennion SUB at University Place, Idaho Falls **  Parking Pass is required (and attached).



ADOBE CONNECT meeting info – training – adobe connect (2nd paragraph) – guest


Teleconference dial-in details:

Dial 317-353-3831 or 888-392-4560 –

Use participant code 7620871

Meeting Minutes for August 21, 2013

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for August 21, 2013



1.      Review and accept meeting minutes

2.      TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.      “Marketing” based on an NSF workshop (Kindra Serr)

4.      Portal for ArcGIS Online (AGOL) findings (Keith W)

5.      Any additional items



ü  Link for ArcGIS Online parcel application- send to the group – Dennis

ü  Invitations to the EIRRC group on AGOL – Craig

ü  Keith to send information about the collection criteria from Toni Williams to Stewart W



·         Focus on and broaden the participation for counties to participate in the parcels effort

·         No updates from Structures – Data Exchange is available.

·         Craig R suggested contacting Ryan McDaniels to possibly feed data from the EIRRC to the HAZUS program for up-to-date information (is currently using Census 2000).

·         No updates from Transportation – meeting will be scheduled soon.  Twg has not yet adopted a standard for the roads – work with the Federal Highway for national road data set.

·         Keith reported that the Controls TWG is currently working on a grant to purchase RTN and server software, will ask for letters of support as finish the proposal.  Will meet with ITD to discuss a geodetic coordinator position that will help ITD and ISU.

·         Kindra went to an NSF workshop on how to become better presenters in May.  A PDF of information was sent to everyone on the EIRRC list.  Figure out your audience, what they know and where you want to take them and 3 points of where you want to take them.  Sue P will practice giving a presentation next meeting.  Dennis H/Todd Q may also give a presentation or video.  Eric V suggested doing this for the EIRRC itself in the future, to present at different opportunities.

·         Craig R said that we have an EIRRC group organized under the MRGIS umbrella.  It is not a public front-end.  Would like to see us broaden participation and get some content out there.  Agreement points are currently there.  Susan R stated that anyone with a desktop license (current maintenance agreement) should have been given notification that they have received an AGOL account for 7 named users and 700 service credits.  Please check your email for notification.  For those that have a current AGOL account, you can now add additional users and 100 credits per user.  For better information, please contact Susan R directly.

v  Keith reported that the State of Idaho is currently collecting NAIP imagery for 2013.  ½ meter resolution, 4-band, new digital camera, one company collecting.  Conversations are being held as to who may be serving that data.  There are ties to the Geodetic Control for eastern Idaho. 

v  Eric S – Bulberry Analysis for EIRRC – it was suggested by Todd Q that the Idaho Sheriff’s Association may want to take the lead on overseeing NG911.  He will have more information soon.

v  IGC-EC has vacant position for Local Government and Federal representations.  Get involved!

v  EIRRC elections – think about the process for changing or at least a recognition of continuing the people in the positions that they are in.  Further discussion to be held. 

v  Assessor’s conference in Wallace, ID next week. 

Meeting adjourned 11:18 a.m.


Meeting Minutes for May 22, 2013

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for May 22, 2013


Attendees:  Craig Rindlisbacher, Keith Weber, Eric Verner, Eric Smith, Greg Newkirk, Carol Moore, Sue Parsons, Kirk Becker, Dawn Leatham

Phone: Stewart Ward, Todd Quast


1.       Review and accept meeting minutes

2.       TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.       New funding plan/approach for the RTN (Keith W)

4.       GIS-T Conference (Eric V)

5.       Overview of NG-911 Meeting (Craig R and Dennis H)

6.       ArcGIS Online for Organizations (AGOL)

7.       Any additional items



ü  Look into having GeoComm give a WebEx to our group for NG911 requirements (Craig?)

ü  Esri’s perspective on NG911 presentation (Craig – sometime in the future)

ü  See if Greg Warner will speak on behalf of Bonneville County PSAP (Dawn L)

ü  Bulberry and GeoComm presentation?



·         Eric V moved to accept the minutes.  Keith seconded the motion.  All in favor.

·         Parcels (Dennis H) – Wilma Robertson is the Parcel TWG chair.  Craig R reported on the parcel fabric workshop that was held in Rexburg by Wilma and Esri.  Wilma is looking for direction to get the parcels moving, through possibly a Service or ArcGIS Online for Organizations.  Craig R, Greg N and Sue P discussed sharing parcel information and the hurdles through the Assessor’s and Commissioner’s offices.  Parcels are not just about tax assessment.  Emergency response, Planning, Transportation, outside of counties, etc. also find the parcels useful information.  Structures – no change, no meetings.  Transportation (Eric V) – Eric reported back on the GIS-T conference.  Discussion was held about the report from Bulberry and a suggestion was made to give that report to Bill Farnsworth/TWG/listserv.  Possibly link the document to the EIRRC website.  Controls (Keith W) – IGC-EC has formed a task force to investigate and review the wording for surveys that will go to legislation.  As it is currently written, the wording treads on or hinders GIS.  Keith is hoping to wrap this up by the end of May. 

·         RTN – Keith is currently in the process of writing a grant proposal through FGDC for the RTN.  Keith has requested that cities and counties put together a couple of sentences about how the cities/counties will benefit from a high accuracy RTN and then list the reasons.  MCPD – Montana would like ISU to take care of the MCPD.  ISU is the official site now. 

·         GIS-T Conference – subgroup of a community that deals exclusively with transportation.  The conference includes all state DOT’s, Federal Highway, ASHTO Tig also.  There is an effort from the Federal Highway to create a national roads layer (ARNOLD – All Roads Network of Linear Reference Data).  Esri has a new linear referencing feature – Esri Roads.  Esri is also into the market of selling data.  Map21 roads (ARNOLD is a part of that program) – for the nationwide effort.  It is up to ITD on whether or not to utilize the county roads layer or create it themselves.  ITD is interested in locating their assets (linear referencing) whereas counties are using centerlines for emergency response.  Will continue with the consolidated roads network.  ITD will be hiring a new GIS person.  Transportation TWG will be busy with county participation and getting the consolidated data ready for use.  We all recognize that our success is dependent upon other people and we need to build, strengthen and facilitate those relationships.  This just dovetails with the 911 effort.  Eric S suggested that the Homeland Security funds/grant can be spent on this application effort. 

·         Craig and Dennis gave an overview of the NG911 meeting in Twin Falls.  50% to 90% of 911 calls are placed by cell phone users.  The MSAG (Master Street Address Guide provided by telephone companies) link is reaching its point of failure, because cell phones are not usually linked with land-lines.  The call location is determined by lat/long or by triangulation (Todd Q).   Dispatch centers cannot take text messages.  The NG911 capabilities and technologies need to come from the carriers.  GIS is central to NG911.  The MSAG, ANI/ALI (Automatic Number Identification/Automatic Location Identification) will cease to exist.  Nearly perfect GIS data and nearly real-time data is what the queries will be based upon.  Sharing of parcels and roads will then be necessary.  Attributes become more valuable.  NG911 will utilize structures, address points, and harvest information from parcels, etc. for more accurate responses.  NG911 will incorporate the Records Management System to identify the histories of individuals/circumstances for better dispatching capabilities.  Todd said that South Dakota is collecting monies from the prepaid cellphones to develop and maintain GIS data for NG911. 

·         Dennis reported that URISA will be discussing ArcGIS Online as part of their call.  Anyone can call in.  Our RRC has been looking for an opportunity to implement AGOL and yet Esri needs to have a contact person.  Our NRURISA is a non-profit with the hierarchy that Esri is looking for.  Tomorrow’s call will discuss NRURISA sponsoring our version of EIRRC along with 2 other entities of AGOL – or possibly one to incorporate the whole state. 

·         Keith announced workshops at ISU in June and July. 

·         Meeting adjourned 11:59 a.m.

·         Next meeting - TBA

Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2013

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for April 17, 2013


Attendees:  Craig Rindlisbacher, Keith Weber, Eric Verner, Chad Hinckley, Kirk Becker, Dawn Leatham

Phone: Susan Reynolds, TJ Abbenhaus


1.       No minutes were distributed from January 24, 2013 meeting.=

2.       TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.       ArcGIS Online for Organizations (AGOL)

4.       Any additional items



ü  (Add to all agendas – for the possibility of presentations at our meetings) ADOBE CONNECT – – Training – Adobe Connect (2nd paragraph) – Guest

ü  AGOL for Organizations for EIRRC group – Dennis H, Keith W, Craig R, Susan R and TJ A



·         Craig gave a presentation on “Envisioning Effort” – economic development scenario planning.  The software is Envision Tomorrow – is built on ArcGIS and is an extension.

·         Susan R announced that Eric S/Jefferson County is the first site to be published to the ESRI Community Base Maps (CBM) Program!

·         TJ discussed that there is more than one template option for CBM; can do own cartography; 2.0 is changing; will be easier to participate. 

·         Eric V (Transportation) is networking to build a team.  Brian Emmen (ITD) has retired.  Is currently looking for someone else from ITD HQ to participate.  Keith W suggested contacting Homeland Security.

·         Keith W (Geodetic Control) gave a presentation at the Intermountain GIS Conference in March.  A couple of counties are interested in submitting their control points to the MCPD from North Idaho.  RTN – Keith is searching for new ways to get people interested and pledging money.  NSF is an option near the first of the year. 

·         Kirk B (Structures) – no update.

·         Parcels – discussion was held about a project between Madison County and ITD for the ROW parcels; making this a whole region project sometime soon.  Chad H has incorporated ITD information into the Madison County parcel fabric.  ITD will be submitting Madison County control points into the MCPD.  Possibility of ITD helping counties, with the proper documentation – to improve parcels and ROW parcels with ITD (AGOL possibility). 

·         State Tax Commission is hosting a Parcel Fabric workshop May 7 & 8, 2013 in Madison County.  Sign up soon!

·         Discussion was held about the hurdles developing an organization for EIRRC online (AGOL) with Esri (no clear organization that would be responsible for signing agreements, direction, payment, etc) or ISU.  Keith has not heard anything back from ISU and believes that they are not interested in creating a non-profit EIRRC group under ISU.  Dennis H will check with NRURISA to see what the possibilities may be.  Esri will also look into other options/possibilities for us.  There are advantages to having the AGOL public front-end and identity as an organization.  NRURISA has re-missioned their organization.  Check with Dennis H?  Susan R and TJ A would like to also know what their new mission is.  Someone suggested each county/organization move forward with their own AGOL.  Although, the public access/front-end/direction/management should be easier with AGOL for Organizations (TJ A).  Possible contact – Regional Economic Development Company?  It was then suggested to continue exploring possibilities.  Susan R will check with Lee Otis and Nathalie (?) for further information.  It is clear that the State of Idaho will not support RRC’s with money (as their focus is state agencies, not local agencies).  Esri may try to explore that effort.

·         Eric V gave a demonstration of his mobile application for IPad/Androids for data collection in the field for ITD.  The app is served off AGOL.  Open on mobile device, edit, edit off-line, in beta-testing now.  Search for ITD D6 Mobile Asset Field Application on YouTube (  Is web-based and very flexible.  Matt Sheehan from UT is helping Eric V with this application.


Meeting adjourned: 11:30 a.m.




Meeting Minutes for January 24, 2013

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for January 24, 2013


Attendees:  Craig Rindlisbacher,  Keith Weber, Dennis Hill, Kindra Serr, Eric Verner,  Kirk Becker, Dawn Leatham, Stewart Ward,  Greg Newkirk and Talsan Schulske

Phone: Susan Reynolds, Sue Parsons


1.       Review/accept minutes from December 19, 2012 and October 31, 2012

2.       TIM Efforts (updates from parcels, structures, transportation and controls)

3.       Task force update (Craig R)

4.       Presentation on gISU (ISU’s ArcGIS Online for Organizations)

5.       Any additional items



ü  Susan – ArcGIS OnLine (AGOL) workshop



·         Dennis H made the motion to approve minutes from both meetings.  Keith made the motion to accept the minutes. Craig R seconded the motion.  All in favor.

·         Craig gave a synopsis presentation from our last meeting.  Discussion was held that the EIRRC has not officially been formed by the State Tax Commission – we are a group of governmental and educational professionals; bandwidth limitations; National Map effort; public and fees to access data – proposal for funding – may or may not be feasible; ITD would not serve parcel data – may have links, but it is their servers and their rules; the State is currently storing data and allowing people to download per the counties rules for collecting monies or not; finding out exactly how we can leverage AGOL services and setting up a game plan; Madison County –; Check out the ArcUSER Fall 2012 issue for a Public Interface to AGOL;

·         Kindra S gave a presentation on gISU (The GIS Center’s AGOL application).  This is not a replacement for server.  Service credits – service credit estimator available online; for their featured content.  To get connected, send Keith ( a request.  Create an ArcGIS personal account, use your current account, or register your global account.  Join a Group.  Craig suggested possibly moving the EIRRC Group to this new Group. 

·         Parcels – still trying to get counties to sign the MOU.  Transportation – A meeting was held in February for the Federal Highway and HPMS efforts.  State DOT’s will be responsible for a state routable layer and individual segments identified. Discussion was held about AGOL needing more than just ITD’s layers; building the infrastructure to support multiple applications; IPLAN; and the need for real-time and dynamic data.  Structures – no update. Geodetic Control – several thousand control points have been uploaded to the MCPD.  Discussion was held about Montana pushing their data to the Idaho MCPD; mirroring the data in both ID and MT; ID being the sole caretaker of that database; a production server will be available by the end of the year; ITD-5 will add points in coming months.  RTN – Looking for funding.  Discussion was held about the control network possibly helping with the GCDB; gaining access to the GCDB through the MCPD website; BLM will not be updating GCDB for Idaho.


Additional Items:


·         Bill Farnsworth sent an email regarding the Professional Business and Vocation and changes that they would like to see to the statute and land survey needs.  Dennis H believes there needs to be further discussion, possibly at the NRURISA Intermountain GIS Conference?  Stewart W stated that Idaho is trying to “catch-up” to surrounding states’ codes. 

·         Dave W from NIDRRC sent an email to Keith W about NID postponing the talk about CAP grants due to budget.  NID is interested in still pursuing those with U of I.  Keith W will respond to Dave W expressing our support and interest in staying informed, but to encourage them to take the lead.

·         Intermountain GIS conference (March 11-13, 2013) in Boise.  Wednesday is a joint meeting with the ISPLS.  IGC meeting is Monday morning. 


Meeting adjourned: 11:55 a.m.


Meeting Minutes for December 19, 2012 - DRAFT

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EIRRC Meeting Minutes for December 19, 2012


Attendees:  Craig Rindlisbacher,  Keith Weber, Dennis Hill, Bill Shaw, Eric Verner, Eric Smith, Kirk Becker, Dawn Leatham, Chad Hinckley, Bonnie Moore, Stewart Ward, Sean Gumm (Dioptra), Greg Newkirk and Trevor Perkes

Phone: Susan Reynolds, Sue Parsons, Todd Quast


1.       A tour and demo of the CAVE at CAES

2.       EIRRC visioning meeting…answer the question of what would we like to accomplish in the next 1, 2 and 3-years



ü  How ArcGIS Online can be leveraged to move forward (?)

ü  Marketing direction (?)

ü  Susan R to check into the possibility of an AGO for Idaho



·         CAES – CAVE demonstration - awesome

·         Watched the YouTube Video – Day of Glass.  Craig discussed an article The Internet of Things (?)  – Global CIO from Information Week Magazine. 

·         Dennis H suggested setting up a future EIRRC meeting for Broadband and broadband ability.  He also suggested contacting Bill Farnsworth and Paul Reyes for this discussion.

·         Bill S has been travelling around the western US, presenting the work of UPlan, IPlan and the initiative with ArcGISOnline (AGO).  AGO is a new tier to power collaboration within the GIS community.  Utah has put their data online and it is working great.  Bill S said that the collaboration has increased ten-fold and the communication is greater and stronger.  Bill S will be going to the Transportation Research Conference (which is the result of 9 states collaboration) and wants to create a national model of radical collaboration rather than incremental collaboration.  Homeland Security believes that they can build a virtual USA effort that will go into AGO in an open and collaborative effort.  The spatial component is what is going to move people forward.  Social networking layer is built into AGO along with the mobile applications.  We need to see the value that we can derive out of AGO and the collaborative efforts.  Bill S suggested figuring out more efficient ways to operate the RRC’s because the business case is sound and solid and the money is there for the giving.  Bill S offered his services of talking with Mayors and Commissioners. 

·         Craig R recap: we’ve set a good network (communication), we are not collaborating on a fast enough time frame and thinking in terms of old framework processes is not going to be our best approach.  We need not to worry about the quality or the security – AGO will take care of that.  We need to move much faster with a less centralized approach.  The effort that we’ve made so far, are valid (parcels, EMS, structures, transportation, etc).  Craig R suggested getting our parcels out on AGO. 

·         Dennis H suggested using Marketing to inform others of what the EIRRC is accomplishing/wanting to do. The information is out there, it just needs to be discoverable and shareable. 

·         Craig R mentioned that the business model for prescription cost model is not a successful model.  Works against the needs of the data.  Keith W said that the best we can do is put the GIS data online for others to make good decisions. 

·         Eric V mentioned that we have a good opportunity to get the information out there; to think of the end-users and promote economic development (Craig R mentioned that earlier also), safety and health for the people and the businesses that are moving to our region.

·         Bill S asked the question – what does the group need to do as individual actors?  We collaborated because we felt we can move forward, but he feels like we are using the EIRRC group as a limiting factor.  Stamp some measure of authority on the group (without group standards and certifications) and move forward.  AGO will provide the standards and the certifications if need. 

·         Craig R said that AGO allows greater service to the customers.  Keith W said that the data needs to be self-service GIS data.  Dennis H brought up the licensing issue.  Keith W suggested using ISU AGO – easy discoverability, publically available, etc.  Susan R said that the “structure” is the relationship with ESRI and that they are working on the Organization to Organization for AGO and may be looking for pilot projects.  It is unclear as to HOW we define the organization for AGO because, we as a group, represent the state, education and counties.  Susan R suggested an AGO for Idaho rather than for organizations – but needs to be further discussed. 

·         Bill S said that the TIG is comprised of 9 states and each DOT has been given one set of credits for the enterprise level of AGO. 

·         Bill S will present back to the TIG team and Terry Bills (Esri) for a complimentary coordination between state and city/county.

·         Stewart W suggested creating a smaller group to address some of these issues and create a task force.  Greg N brought up a limitation of technology and a better description/understanding of AGO credits.  Esri gave DOT’s 17500 credits to experiment with AGO for the next year.  The credits have to do with services and are equivalent to server cycles (computational time on Esri Online) for AGO – if it’s a big job on your server now, it will be costly for the credits on AGO.  Someone suggesting creating tiles on your own server as to not “burn up” the credits on AGO and then serve the data on AGO. 

·         Craig R suggested creating a task force.  Eric S asked for clarification as to what that task force is assigned to do.  Identify what the need is and what the vision is to present to the partners.  Craig R, Keith W, Eric S, Kirk B, Stewart W and Susan R all agreed to be on that task force.  Because of Craig working on the task force, Dennis H will be hosting the next couple of EIRRC meetings. 

·         Dennis H has requested to Keith W that we get this same room or the one at ISU University Place for the EIRRC meetings. 

·         Keith W would like to work on collaborating in real-time and online. 

·         It was suggested to have a working meeting next time, not just a discussion of the work.  Bill S suggested video conference fashion – talk and do. 

·         Dennis H discussed that the Parcel MOU has been signed in Ada, Camas and Jefferson counties – pathway to share parcel data. 

·         Keith W said that he will be calling in for the IGC-EC meeting on December 20, 2012.  One of the discussion items will be renewing the agreement that InsideID is the official clearinghouse for data.

·         Dennis H stated that the NRURISA conference is coming along well.  Workshops are solidified.  Conference dates: March 11-13, 2013.

·         Eric S made the motion to adjourn the meeting, Dennis H seconded the motion.  All in favor.



Meeting adjourned: 12:26 p.m.


NEXT MEETING:  10:00 a.m. – January 24, 2013 Teton Room at CAES – 995 University Blvd, Idaho Falls



Teleconference dial-in details:

Dial 317-353-3831 or 888-392-4560

Use participant code 7620871

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