Enthusiasts of Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Kennel Goals

We live on a little acreage in the farmlands of Idaho.  We are a family including 5 kids, animals, and always bird dogs.  We have been owned by English Pointers, Setters and GSHs. Each earned a place in our hearts.  Our ultimate bird dog would be an instinctual hunter, trainable, and mostly a great family dog and connected companion.  Now we can share our secret we found the package deal in the funny Griffon.  Enjoy our pictures and stories, everyone is OUTBACK bred.           Christy and Elliott
Liberty and Porter



                                                   Elliott and Bonzai

               Facebook is reserved for my Griffon owners and friends.  It is a board to share, vent, and brag. 
                              You will love it.  Christy


    My philosophy is to produce a puppy at the height of his potential. We start by carefully selecting our breeding stock. I use AKC registered, health screened, tested dogs, that perfectly fall within AKC standards, that gives us the best chance to produce a healthy, long lived dog.  

    My second goal is to raise our dogs like a house hold pet as well as a hunting companion and a best friend for my ch.  When I select a potential breeding animal I am looking for the joyous attitude Griffons are famous for, not too meek not to dominant.    You will not see a rows of kennels with Griffons in them at my place.  Our dogs are part of our household.    We Co-Own with friends, so other dogs in our breeding program have their own family life.

    All the puppies are raised off my kitchen and are handled from day one. There was a great study done by the monks who raise quality German Shepherds. They discovered techniques all of which involve early handling and human interaction. They were able to create more adjusted and trainable adult animals. So once they begin crawling about they are underfoot, placed all day in the center of the action where even a crowd can't get ignored.

    Weather permitting they are kenneled at night and taught about grass or paper in the house. I love vari-kennels they are excellent as their dog den and as a tool in house training and transporting. We start introducing them at an early age to  water, wings, and all sorts of exploring.  I  begin to take them on adventure walks at 4- 5 weeks of age, exposing them to problem solviing, and confidence building experiences.
   Lastly I want to retain and selectively breed for natural versatile hunting abilities. All of the dogs we retain for potential breeding animals range tight, hunt hard, naturally point, and honor, love water, and retrieve willingly. We are looking for animals that do all this because that is what their 
 owners are doing.  Not just because they are hunting machines.  
          Though we do not participate in the local  NAVDA groups these dogs  do well in that venue. Many of our puppies have tested extremely well.   This is a wonderful organization that gives you a venue to test both your dogs natural abilities and you developing  handling skills.
 AKC has some great opportunities in confirmation but  also has obedience and working dog competitions.  I have some Outback bred puppies now competing in Agility courses.   Someday I intend to  participate myself.  

 My high point is getting the right puppy to the right  folks.

We work so much with them we know their personalities,
 and make it our goal for youto know your puppy by the time he or she arrives
All puppies are sold with a 36 month Genetic Health Guarantee.
I have a fairly energetic BLOG as well as an associated FACEBOOK Page
The BLOG will follow the development of each litter.  It also contains rambling news.  I am told it is addicting, just to be warned. 
    We will be breeding a several of our females  for fall/ winter 2017 and  Spring / summer 2018
 I keep  a running waiting list for these upcoming pups see the page the Golden List.
 I want my puppy people to have a great adventure.
  We pay attention to details.
  You will have to wait a little longer for an Outback bred puppy but some things are just worth the wait:} 
 Thanks Christy

                                                          Leo Fiasher