Calendar of events

Upcoming Events

August 7 starting at 3:00 - Meet Holli Woodings at Ron and Linda Beitelspacher's Root Beer and Ice Cream Social.  Get to know our next Secretary of State..

August 12 - Idaho County Democratic Party Monthly Meeting at the Grangeville Senior Citizens 6:30 pm

October 11 - Greencreek Dinner with Social Hour at 5:30.

US Holidays

Upcoming Events:

March 11 - Idaho Democratic Party meeting -6:30 pm Sr. Citizen's in Grangeville

March 19 - Meet and Greet with Larry Kenck, Idaho Democratic Party Chair, 4:00 pm Soltzman Center Grangeville

October 20th - Greencreek Dinner 

Recent Activities and Events:
June Picnic and Pie Auction was a great success at John and Laura Andrechak's home in Kamiah with several state candidates stopping by on the way back from the State Democratic Party Convention in Moscow.


February 23 - Frank and Bethine Church Gala and IDP State Meeting
  • Larry Keneck elected State Chair
  • Roger and Janice Inghram selected as Community Activists of the year.  Well deserved!!
  • Chris Wolffing appointed District 7 Chair replacing Jim Jeffery.  Thanks to both for the work and dedication done, past, present, and in the future.


September 12 - 6:30 Meeting at the Grangeville Senior Citizens Hall.  Patti Roberts, Regional Director of the Idaho Education Association discussed what is happening with schools.

September 24 - 4:00 Vote Builder Training, Grangeville

October 10 - 6:30 Meeting at the Grangeville Senior Citizens Hall

October 28-29 - Conference in Sun Valley with Idaho Democratic Party Leadership.

November 8 - Shelley Dumas Elected to Grangeville City Council

November 8 - Jimmy Farris met with Idaho County folks at Paige's Place in Grangeville

November 14 6:30  - Meeting at the Grangeville Senior Citizen's Hall

December 12 - Idaho County Democrats meeting (Paige's Place if available)


January 6 - Meeting at Twisted Cellar (The Gallery)

February 13 - Meeting at Grangeville Senior Citizens at 6:30 pm

March 9 Candidates need to have paperwork to County Clerk

March 10 Pizza and Politics at Twisted Cellar (The Gallery) in Grangeville at 5:30 - 7:30.  More than 50 people came to listen and talk to legislators John Rusche and Dan Schmidt.  Sally Boynton-Brown presented an activist slide presentation.  thanks to all who brought and ate Pizzas.  It was a good time.

March 30 - Write-in candidates must have paperwork to County Clerk for Primary Elections.

April 14 - Caucus!!!  Doors will close at the Senior Citizens Hall in Grangeville at 10:00 am to begin the Caucus.

April 25 - Ponderosa Restaurant, Orofino, Meet the Candidates with Jimmy Farris at 6:30 pm 

May 11 - Grangeville Senior Citizens Hall.  Work meeting'

May 15 - Election closed Primary

May 21 - Organizational Meeting at Oscars.  Elections for both county and district organizations, acceptance of precinct captains and election of officers.  

June 14 - 16 - State Democrat Convention in Boise.  

June 24 - Picnic and Pie Auction at the Country Center in Stites.  Thanks Ivan and Judy for the great place.  Wonderful event, good candidates, and generous pie makers and purchasers.  Randy and Jim can sell Pies!

October 20 - Greencreek Dinner

November 6 - Election

December 10 - Idaho County Party Meeting - Soltzman Center, Grangeville.


                 Riggins Meeting (thanks Michelle)
                 Highway Cleanup (Earnie took care of Highway outside of Grangeville)