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Jan. 12

       Introduction:  course objectives and overview

       What is CIRCA?

       Authorship and faculty involvement


-Find faculty advisors to contribute to data, edits and authorship

-Read example docs!

Jan. 19

-Discussion of reading highlights, particularly, how do you define INDICATOR

-Brainstorming on topics and framework

-Self-assignments into smaller working groups

-Assignment of individuals to organizations for stakeholder e-mail search

Browse example documents on website from other states/regions

-Create template for stakeholder engagement

(Subset CSS group?)


Jan. 26

       Finalize stakeholder engagement medium (survey?)

*    Finalize e-mail to stakeholders

*    Decide if stakeholder list is adequate

Browse example documents on website from other states/regions

- Implement stakeholder engagement (survey?)


10:30AM Feb. 6th

No Class on Feb. 2nd


       Special meeting with Melissa Kenney (visiting from DC)



Feb. 9

Talk over suggestions from Melissa Kenney

Talk over game plan

Talk over one page proposals

Divide class out into indicators


 DUE Feb. 16: Create 1 paragraph proposal on desired indictor, including background and data sources

-Data searching, summarizing

Feb. 16

Which journal should we publish in?

Discussion/outline of introduction for peer-reviewed doc

“How to Publish a Paper” - AGU Short Course

-Data searching, summarizing, writing

Feb. 23

Individual verbal updates (~2 min.) of proposal and data acquisition successes/woes  

-Data searching, summarizing, writing

Mar. 1


-Writing, visuals

Mar. 8

       In-class peer to peer reviews

       Formatting specifics for journal/citations



-Send revisions to faculty for review/edit

-Update personal online file folder for midterm week

Mar. 12

       SPRING BREAK 2012!



Mar. 22

Discussion and brainstorming of format for peer-reviewed document; including discussion of format for Figures


-Write-up your indicator for the peer-reviewed document individually or as subgroups

-Look at outreach brochure online and give feedback in-class on the 29th

Mar. 29

In-class discussion on format of grey-literature and feedback on outreach brochure - Led by Aly


April 2nd - Send your indicator section off to a paired student for peer-review

Apr. 5

Christa Teston provides insight about translation of peer-reviewed material into grey literature material


-Students send off sections for feedback from sponsoring faculty

-Students re-write their material for the grey-literature


Apr. 12

Christa "tears apart" two examples of the grey-literature docs from students


Students re-write final versions of the grey literature document

Apr. 19

Group review of framework for the grey literature document


Submit to Megan and Amanda final grey lit. documentation for final edits via Google Docs

Students put final edits on peer-reviewed documents and submit to Zion for consolidation via Google Docs

Apr. 26

Presentation of Survey results from Melissa (and Jarod?)


Provide comments online for peer-reviewed intro/conclusion

May 3

Review (overview) of both documents


-Students review and sign-off as co-authors for both documents
-Students provide contact info on google docs for the submission

May. 7         Finals Week – No Class  UNA FIESTA POR LA CLASE...?     Submit/publish/disseminate!

Zion Klos,
Jan 12, 2012, 1:44 PM