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Coneheads Local 208 is a community of fifty builders, artists, computer system design geniuses, and all-around amazing creators who are bringing Illumicone into reality. Our leader is Ross Butler, the first official conehead who had the vision to create interactive art which would bring the community together.
Illumicone at Burning Man 2016
Video by Charlie Novak

     Illumicone is light and mechanical art driven by participation and interaction.

A glowing presence draws participants inside where strange and odd mechanical gadgets spark curiosity.

A whirling, changing color spectacle appears as participants turn, spin, pull, and push Illumicone’s gadgets to create dazzling patterns of light and movement.
 Digital Sketch   The first digital sketch was completed by Drew "Fat Tony" Layton in January of 2016.
 Watercolor Sketch by Artist Ray Caraway   The first artistic drawing was completed by Ray Caraway in April of 2016. The assortment of widgets seen within the cone will be an ever-changing experiment! Widgets will come and go, but their purpose of interactivity between participants and lights will stay the same.
   Our first erection of Illumicone was done in May of 2016. Approximately twenty coneheads participated in the erection. The success was celebrated with a BBQ, bonfire, and twirling below the lights.
    During Element 11 of 2016, Illumicone glowed for the public for its first time. This was also the first "deep playa" art installation to occur at Stargazer Ranch! We could not have been happier with the placement of Illumicone and the reactions that the cone received. Participants engaged with the widgets for hours every night!
  At Burning Man of 2016, Illumicone's distant sparkle in the vast, inky blackness lured a constant stream of participants away from the edge of Black Rock City and out to deep playa.
  All night every night, participants became part of Illumicone, creating the light show that beckoned others from across the playa to join in.

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