Luke and Simon Perraton share a love for the Australian high country, a driving force behind their upcoming attempt to ski/hike the Australian Alps Walking Track in winter. They have been planning and training for this adventure for four years. They will begin their 8 week expedition in Licola Victoria, on 21 July 2009, and end in Canberra.
This expedition will involve supply drops which have been placed in 11 wilderness locations. Simon and Luke will travel with cross country skis, which allow them to ski along the snow and up hills as well as enjoy some telemark skiing on the downhill sections.  They will use Yowie snowshoes to negotiate steep, icy and difficult areas. They will practice eco-friendly snow camping techniques and their expedition will be self supported.  Luke and Simon hope that this challenge will help them to expand their knowledge of Australia's unique mountain environment, and to share this knowledge with others.