The Science Slam is back at ICWSM!

The third ICWSM Science Slam will take place at La Vitrola ( on Monday May 15th, 2017 at 20:00.
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Line Up:
  • Kiran Garimella (@gvrkiran): How Your Relationship Break-ups Look on Social Media <-- WINNER
  • Eelco Herder (@eelcoherder): How the Social Web Went to the Dogs

  • Johannes Kiesel (@KieselJohannes): Reverted Wikipedia Edits

  • Eryk Kopczyński (@zenorogue) & Dorota Celinska (@tehorarogue): From Science to Games and Back

  • Kristina Lerman (@KristinaLerman): Heterogeneity's Ruses, or Simpson's Paradox in Data Science

  • Supun Nakandala: Gender Stereotypes in Online Game Streaming Platforms

  • Marian-Andrei Rizoiu: Blockbusters and Unpromotable Videos

  • Ian Stewart (@alethioguy): What's the Big Dill? Pickles, Protests and Peculiar Semantics

  • Oren Tsur (@oren_data): On the Bald Man Paradox and the Interpretability of Hairballs

What is a Science Slam?

A Science Slam is an epic scientific event where scientists compete with short talks on their research. It's just like a poetry slam, but with science instead of poems. Slammers are completely free to do whatever they want on stage, everything is allowed including slides, games, the more creative, the better! The only two rules are:

 The topic of the slam has to be related to social media or data science
 Presentations should not take more than 8 minutes

Why should I attend?

• Because you will never have a better chance to listen to the most engaging talks at ICWSM
• Because you get to choose the winner

Why should I participate?

• Because people will think you are awesome
• Because there will be lots of beer to fuel the brain of your audience to help them deeply engage in your research
• Because you could become the epic winner chosen by the audience! 

I'm in! What do I have to do to participate?

Send us an email to with a short proposal of your topic for the slam and we will contact you.
We still accept proposals until May 1st, 2017! Closed!
We will choose the best slammer candidates, based on (i) the scientific quality, on (ii) the novelty of the topic, and on (iii) the potential for giving an engaging talk.

Who is responsible for this crazy idea?
David Garcia
Aniko HannakIngmar Weber

Organizing committee
David Garcia. @dgarcia_eu. Chair of Systems Design, ETH Zürich
Ingmar Weber. @ingmarweber. Qatar Computing Research Institute.
Aniko Hannak. @ancsaaa3. College of Computer & Information Science, Northeastern University.
Robert West. @cervisiarius. School of Computer and Communication Sciences, EPFL.

Where is La Vitrola?
In the coolest neighborhood of Montreal (says Bob):
How to reach it from the conference? By tram or a 35 minute walk (2.6km):  map with walking directions here

La Vitrola

How funny are the ICWSM Science Slams?

The 2016 finalist slams by Jérôme Kunegis (Winner), Nabil Hossain and Taha Yasseri

Jérôme Kunegis: It's Really about Hamsters


Nabil Hossain: Spirit in the Bottle


Taha Yasseri: Desperate for love? What happens after you both swipe right

The 2015 winning slams by Bob West and Jahna Otterbacher

Robert West: Destroying Jokes to Learn about Humor


Jahna Otterbacher: Stereotyping Through Linguistic Bias