New Fiction: Fall 2015

F AHD  Ahdieh, Renée, author. The wrath and the dawn.
In this reimagining of The Arabian Nights, Shahrzad plans to avenge the death of her dearest friend by volunteering to marry the murderous boy-king of Khorasan but discovers not all is as it seems within the palace.

F BLU  Blume, Judy, author. In the unlikely event. First edition.
Thirty-five years after a series of airplane accidents rocked Elizabeth, New Jersey, Miri Ammerman returns to her hometown for an event commemorating the disasters, and finds herself surrounded by three generations of families, friends, and strangers whose lives were irrevocably altered by those events in the 1950s.

F BRO Brockenbrough, Martha, author. The game of Love and Death. First edition, May 2015.
In Seattle in 1937 two seventeen-year-olds, Henry, who is white, and Flora, who is African-American, become the unwitting pawns in a game played by two immortal figures, Love and Death, where they must choose each other at the end, or one of them will die.

F DOW Downes, Patrick, 1968- author. Fell of dark : a novel.
Chronicles the lives of two mentally ill boys--Erik, who believes he is a saint, and Thorn, who believes he is a demon--as their minds devolve into hallucinations, showing the way their worlds intersect, and culminating in a final stand-off.

F GIL Gilbert, Kelly Loy, author. Conviction. First edition, May 2015.
"A small-town boy questions everything he holds to be true when his father is accused of murder"--Provided by publisher.

F GOT Gottfred, B. T., author. Forever for a year. First edition--2015.
"Two young teens fall in love for the first time, and discover it might not last forever"--Provided by publisher.

F GRA Gray, Claudia, author. Sorceress. First edition.
"Teenage witch Nadia must defeat the evil sorceress Elizabeth before Elizabeth gathers enough power to summon the One Beneath and destroy everything Nadia has worked to protect"--Provided by publisher.

F GRA Gray, Claudia, author. Steadfast. First paperback edition, 2015.
"Nadia must stop the evil sorceress Elizabeth before she lures the One Beneath to Captive's Sound, destroying the town and everyone Nadia holds dear at the same time"--Provided by publisher.

F HAR Hardinge, Frances, author. Cuckoo song.
In post-World War I England, eleven-year-old Triss nearly drowns in a millpond known as "The Grimmer" and emerges with memory gaps, aware that something is terribly wrong, and to try to set things right, she must meet a twisted architect who has designs on her family.

F HAR Hartman, Rachel, 1972- author. Shadow scale. First edition.
"Seraphina, half-dragon and half-human, searches for others like her who can make the difference in the war between dragons and humans in the kingdom of Goredd"--Provided by publisher.

F HAW Hawkins, Paula, author. The girl on the train.
"Rachel takes the same commuter train every morning ... past a stretch of cozy suburban homes, and stops at the signal that allows her to daily watch the same couple breakfasting on their deck. She's even started to feel like she knows them ... Their life-as she sees it-is perfect. Not unlike the life she recently lost. And then she sees something shocking. It's only a minute until the train moves on, but it's enough. Now everything's changed. Unable to keep it to herself, Rachel offers what she knows to the police, and becomes inextricably entwined in what happens next, as well as in the lives of everyone involved. Has she done more harm than good?"--Provided by publisher.

F KIN Kindl, Patrice, author. A school for brides : a story of maidens, mystery, and matrimony.
In the early 1800s, in a remote corner of England with almost no eligible young men, the eight students at the Winthrop Hopkins Female Academy uncover a mystery while learning all the skills necessary to become a good wife.

F KIN King, Stephen, 1947- author. Revival : a novel. First Scribner hardcover edition November 2014.
Relates the story of a young man and a new minister who fifty years earlier encountered a terrible tragedy and while the minister renounces his ministry the young man leaves his hometown only to fight the demons inside of him with addiction, but these two men once again meet up and the young man realizes that revival has more than one meaning.

F LEE Lee, Harper, author. Go set a watchman. First edition.
In the mid-1950s, twenty-six-year-old Jean Louis Finch, "Scout," returns to Maycomb, Alabama, to visit her father, Atticus, but her homecoming turns bittersweet and her values and assumptions are thrown into doubt as she uncovers truths about her family, friends, and town which are exposed by civil rights tensions and political turmoil.

F MEY Meyer, Marissa, author. Fairest. First edition: 2015.
"Queen Levana is a ruler who uses her "glamour" to gain power. But long before she crossed paths with Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, Levana lived a very different story - a story that has never been told . . . until now"--Provided by publisher.

F MIT Mitchell, David (David Stephen), author. Cloud atlas : a novel. Random House trade paperback edition.
A collection of disparate characters from different countries and centuries find their stories linked through a bizarre series of events.

F MOS Moskowitz, Hannah, author. A history of glitter and blood.
Beckan, an immortal teenage fairy, and Tier, a young activist, are on opposite sides of a war, but strike up an unlikely friendship anyway.

F NG Ng, Celeste, author. Everything I never told you.
The daughter of a Chinese American family is found dead, turning the family's lives upside down.

F NIV Niven, Jennifer, author. All the bright places. First edition.
"Told in alternating voices, when Theodore Finch and Violet Markey meet on the ledge of the bell tower at school, both teetering on the edge, it's the beginning of an unlikely relationship, a journey to discover the "natural wonders" of the state of Indiana, and two teens' desperate desire to heal and save one another"--Provided by publisher.

F PEA Pearson, Mary (Mary E.) author. Fox forever. First Square Fish edition.
Before he can start a life with Jenna, seventeen-year-old Locke, who was brought back to life in a newly bioengineered body after an accident destroyed his body 260 years ago, must do a favor for the resistance movement opposing the nightmarish medical technology.

F PHI Phillips, Rebecca, 1975- author. Faking perfect.
"When Lexi Shaw seduced Oakfield High's resident bad boy Tyler Flynn at the beginning of senior year, he seemed perfectly okay with her rules: 1. Avoid her at school. 2. Keep his mouth shut about what they do together. 3. Never tease her about her friend (and unrequited crush) Ben. Because with his integrity and values and golden boy looks, Ben can never find out about what she's been doing behind closed doors with Tyler. Or that her mom's too busy drinking and chasing losers to pay the bills. Or that Lexi's dad hasn't been a part of her life for the last thirteen years. But with Tyler suddenly breaking the rules, Ben asking her out, and her dad back in the picture, how long will she be able to go on faking perfect?"--Back cover.

F RUS Russell, Karen, 1981- author. Swamplandia! First Vintage Books edition.
As their island home and alligator-wrestling theme park is threatened by a sophisticated competitor, twelve-year-old Ava struggles to cope with her mother's death while her sister, brother, and father all try to deal with their grief in their own unusual ways.

Schmidt, Tiffany, author. Hold me like a breath.
Penny Landlow, seventeen, the overprotected daughter of a powerful crime family, has rarely left the family estate due to a blood disorder but when tragedy strikes and she is left alone in New York City, she must prove she is not as fragile as everyone believes.

F SHU Shultz, Cara Lynn, author. Spellcaster.
Seventeen-year-old witch Emma Connor returns to normal problems at her exclusive Upper East Side prep school after breaking a centuries-old romantic curse, but an inhuman force is using Emma's and Brendan's deepest fears to reveal damaging secrets that could destroy their trust in each other.

F SIL Silvera, Adam, 1990- author. More happy than not.
After enduring his father's suicide, his own suicide attempt, broken friendships, and more in the Bronx projects, Aaron Soto, sixteen, is already considering the Leteo Institute's memory-alteration procedure when his new friendship with Thomas turns to unrequited love.

F SUM Suma, Nova Ren, author. The walls around us. First edition.
Orianna and Violet are ballet dancers and best friends, but when the ballerinas who have been harassing Violet are murdered, Orianna is accused of the crime and sent to a juvenile detention center where she meets Amber and they experience supernatural events linking the girls together.

F TRO Tromly, Stephanie, author. Trouble is a friend of mine.
After her parents' divorce, Zoe Webster moves from Brooklyn to upstate New York where she meets the weirdly compelling misfit, Philip Digby, and soon finds herself in a series of hilarious and dangerous situations as he pulls her into his investigation into the kidnapping of a local teenage girl which may be related to the disappearance of his kid sister eight years ago.

GN 741.5 ARA Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973- author, illustrator. Fullmetal alchemist. VIZ Media edition.
Ed struggles to overcome his mistrust of his estranged father in order to receive help in fighting Pride, who has consumed Gluttony's powers, while Mustang leads an attack in Central City.

GN 741.5 ARA Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973- author, illustrator. Fullmetal alchemist. VIZ Media edition.
Alphonse, with the help of the Philosopher's Stone, fights Pride and Kimblee while Ed and his comrades face Envy in the city. Then, when Roy Mustang learns the truth about Hughes's murder, he may do something rash.

GN 741.5 ARA Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973- author, illustrator. Fullmetal alchemist. VIZ Media edition.
Hohenhein has the opportunity to stop the doppleganger "father" who rules over Central City, but surprise may not be enough to help him defeat the powerful homunculus. Then, King Bradley's triumphant return may turn the battle in the military's favor.

GN 741.5 ARA Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973- author, illustrator. Fullmetal alchemist. VIZ Media edition.
While Greed and King Bradley fight, below Central City, the homunculus "father" tries to force Mustang to make an unthinkable decision. Meanwhile, Alphonse has a chance to regain his body, but the price may be too high.

GN 741.5 ARA Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973- author, illustrator. Fullmetal alchemist. VIZ Media edition.
The Elric brothers, having watched the world be reshaped, seek the help of Hohenheim in a desperate final attack against the homunculus "father.".

GN 741.5 ARA Arakawa, Hiromu, 1973- author, illustrator. Fullmetal alchemist. VIZ Media edition.
The Elric brothers, having sought the help of the Hohenheim to launch a final attack against the homunculus "father," realize some people may have to make sacrifices in order to make it a success.

GN 741.5 MCC McClintock, Norah, author. Tru detective.
"In this ... graphic novel, Truman, the prime suspect in his girlfriend's murder, struggles to find the truth"--Publisher.

GN 741.5 STE Stevenson, Noelle, author, illustrator. Nimona. First edition.
Lord Ballister Blackheart seeks to bring down the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics with the aid of his new shapeshifting sidekick Nimona.

GN 976.3 BRO Brown, Don, 1949- author, illustrator. Drowned city : Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans.
A graphic novel account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster in November of 2005, when the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and surrounding areas were flooded and more than fourteen hundred people lost their lives.