When you are researching a topic, being able to select the BEST information is an important skill. As you choose among many, many sources of information, ask yourself the following questions to help you select the best information to meet your needs. Apply the CRAAP test to evaluate and choose the best possible sources.

Currency How current is the information? Is that important?

• When was the item published?

• Does the publication date matter in terms of my topic?


Outdated Information: http://www.essortment.com/pluto-information-kids-55602.html

Current Website: http://www.nytimes.com/

Relevancy: How relevant is the information to the topic?

• Is this source about my topic?

• Does it provide enough information or detail?




Authority: What is the background of the author/source of this information?

• Who is the author? Is there any information available about their expertise on the subject?

• Has an editor/publisher checked this information?

• Is the source of this information respected?


Appropriateness: How suitable is this source for me? Can I read it?

• Is this something I can understand or is it too advanced or specialized?





Purpose:  How balanced is the information?

• What is the author’s objective in presenting this information?

• Is the information free from bias?

• Is the information backed by facts or is it merely opinion?