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Bibliographic Citations

Any paper or project you submit must include a bibliography which lists all of the resources you used in researching and preparing your work. At West High School, teachers prefer that you follow the format developed by the MLA (Modern Language Association, 7th Edition).  You may download our Bibliography Style Sheet or pick one up at either library circulation desk.  Also available here is a preformatted and downloadable Bibliography Template. Consult our friends at EasyBib for help with parenthetical citations. In addition, Princeton University has some excellent descriptions of when and how to cite sources.

WHS students and faculty now have access to the full version of EasyBib. If you are at an on-campus computer or device, you can click the blue bar at the top of the screen to create your own 'Premium' account. Then you can access the full version of EasyBib from anywhere.

Or, get the EasyBib app from the iTunes Store or Google Play.