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About the Library

The purpose of the WHS library program is to enable all students to be effective users of information and to appreciate and enjoy literature and other creative expressions.

We believe that independent, life-long learning is the ultimate goal of schools in our society, and that the library program is vital to creating independent learners.

We are also striving to bring our library and its users into the 21st century by increasing our online resources, providing more digital tools for student use and integrating new technologies into our instruction.

For more information about the information literacy program in the Iowa City schools, please visit our district library site.

Beth Belding has taught elementary school and is also certified in special education. She has been a teacher-librarian for more than 20 years.

Jill Hofmockel originally taught U.S. history and American government. This is her 17th year as a teacher-librarian.

The library is open daily at 8:00 and remains open until 4:30, even on early out Thursdays.

Late Nights
The library is open late each trimester during finals, serving coffee, juice, snacks, and pizza to help students succeed each trimester.

Becky Peterson, Library Secretary

Tyler Meade, Technical Support Specialist

Marie Wenzlaff, Library Secretary

Krista Freese, Library Secretary