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Help with the Review Tool

How to Review

  1. Review the trunk changes first. Trunk and branch changes are separated from each other.
  2. For each file, click on the links in the Changes column in top to bottom order. Multiple changes are combined where possible. So, if a file shows multiple changes, it is because changes for other tickets are interleaved with this ticket's changes. In this case, the "Overall" column will show you all of the changes from the first to the last changeset in this ticket including the unrelated changes. 


This area shows a list of all changesets associated with this ticket. If a ticket only had one changeset, you would have been redirected to that changeset.

Jump to Sections

Tickets with files in multiple areas (such as, files on the trunk and on a branch) have a "Jump To" area for navigating to a specific section.


The Details section lists the relevant changesets for comparison (i.e. r1234:r1238 will show changesets between 1234 and 1238)


 add The file was added.
 add+commitsThe file was added and other changes were made. The link will take you to the last changed version since the add.
 edit The file was modified one or more times. 
 noop Nothing to show- there's no effective change. 
 deleted The file was deleted.
 multiple commits This link will show the difference between multiple related changes.
 overall (See "How to Review")
This link shows the difference between the first-1 and the last changeset including interleaved changes from other tickets. 

For more information about this tool, please visit the ICU Code Tools Website