Very Special People

In this section we will occasionally recognize the people who support this institution and help us in ways only Allah will reward properly.
2011/2012 List of special people

 Date Who
For what
 04/01/2012Sis. Oum Zakarrya For her continuous support of the school, teachers, and children. 
 1/22/2012Sis. Oum Zakarrya
Sis. Oum Ranya
Br. Burhan
Br. Amer Taleb 
 For their unwavering support during the visit by Congregation Or Chadash. Jazakum Allah Khairan.
 Br. Amer Taleb
For the countless hours he devoted supporting the school with his photojournalism skills. Thank you Amer.

2010/2011  List of special people

 Date Who
For what
 April 24rd, 2011
 ICT BOT, EC and Br. Amine Mneimneh
 For making the new Majsid annex building possible.  This new building will be accessible to the school.

 April 3rd, 2011.
 Level 4 Girls and Boys and their teachers.
 They represented the school, our Islamic values and manners best during their visit to Congregation Or Chadash last Sunday, April 3rd, 2011.  Kudos to all of you.

 March 27th, 2011
 Everyone is a winner this weekend.
Need we list names...of course not...just come by and look at some real winners in our community.  May Allah accept all we do, make it sincere and benefit the children from it.
 March 20th, 2011
 Hajja Tata, Oum Issam
 For a wonderful Khaterah during the staff meeting, a short talk about Islamic manners, need to be mannered before any thing else so you'll be accepted as a role model.
 March 13th, 2011
 Br. Abu Ussama, Sis. Oum Ussama, and many more volunteers
 They courageously took L4G to Sabino canyon.  May Allah bless you all.  The children said they had so much fun and want to do it again.
 Feb. 6th, 2011
 Sister Oum Zakarrya
She single handedly cooked the food for all the school and all the guests.  She woke up at 5 am to do so. May Allah bless her time, family and all she does.
 Feb. 6th, 2011
Brother Burhan Hamdan
He sponsored the Feb. 6th event.  Br. Burhan is one of these people who does nothing but good MashaAllah.  May Allah bless him and his family 
 Feb. 6th, 2011
 Sister Oum Issam "Grandma Tata"
Who volunteered her time  and sewing expertise to put together the dress used by our students during the Seerat Al-Rasul Nasheed.
 Feb. 11th, 2011
Sisters Oum Abderrahman, Oum Diala, Oum Omar, and Oum Adam
 For working with our kids, rehearsing the Nasheed with them and preparing them for the Seerat Al-Rasul event at the Masjid.
 Feb. 20th, 2011
 Brothers Asad Hindash, Nawaz Kasim, Abdi Adan
  These brothers are from the CT EC and they have helped us with our budget.
 All the time
 Our volunteer teachers
 For the countless hours they devote to our kids, to Islam and to the future of this community.