School Miscellaneous

 Registration has already started and we project an attendance of around 120.  The number of students will slightly be lower than last year due to changes in our community dynamic (opening of three separate weekend schools).

* In school year 2011/2012 we broke all records and registered more than 220 students.  Although many students do not show up regularly, the school serves close to 120 on a regular basis.  With the addition of the new "Al-Faruq center" (Pima and Columbus), a specialized school that caters to Somali students and focuses on Somali culture we expect our attendance to drop. 
*The registration is still ongoing for the year 2011/2012 and the number of students will be finalized by the end of 
octobber 2011.  We do expect around 120 students to register this year.
The Weekend School is currently serving close to 150 students for the academic year 2010/2011.
This number fluctuates a bit because few students do not come to school on a regular basis.