Level 4 Girls

Teachers    : Brother Abu Oussama
Classroom  : ICT Library
Time          : Class meets  every Sunday starting 9:45am till about 1:00pm

  • Level 4 Girls (& Boys) will be visiting Congregation Or Chadash. More detail will be posted soon Insha'Allah.
  • Trips coming up
  • This class is also run workshop style in an interactive atmosphere 

Class Description:

Level 4 Girls uses a rigorous "Youth Development Program" meant to build a stronger, smarter and prouder sisters.

 The Group Level-4-Girls hosts girls ages 11 and up. This Group is managed as a youth development team. The activities for the team include an academic curriculum, group discussion, field trips, arts and crafts and mentoring.

The academic curriculum covers the Noble Quran, Arabic language skills and Islamic studies. The team members are afforded opportunities to develop correct pronunciation of the Noble Quran, to write the Ayaat in Arabic and to memorize them. The Arabic language coursework covers vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing. We use a textbook titled “Arabic for the Quran”. The Islamic Studies include topics on Belief, Seerah, Stories of the Prophets, Fiqh and contemporary issues of relevance to the youth living as Muslims in particular here in the US.