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2013/2014 Preregistration - Progressing

Registration for the year 2012/2013 is now closed. Please use the form below and/or contact the administration if you have any questions.  We prefer online registration.  Alternatively you can download and fill the paper form under the Docs section.

In order to be accepted each child must meet the following:
  • Age  : Minimum 4 years (Space is limited)
  • Basic knowledge : The child must know some basic Arabic/Quran, if not there are special classes (offered by Br. Burhan Hamdan at the Masjid each Saturday) for new Muslims or people who know little Arabic/Qur'an/Islam.
  • Commitment  : Because of the limited space, a student must commit to come regularly otherwise his post will be given to others.
  • Contribution : In order to have your child at the school you must contribute ; 1) Full tuition fees if you are able,  2) Small donation if you cannot afford the tuition, and/or  3) At least come and volunteer and help around at the school.
  • Starting year 2011 the school is making it a requirement that a parent(s) must contribute something to this effort in order for their child(ren) to enroll.
  • There will be a one time $20/child registration fees assessed during the formal registration processes which should start late Sept.  2013.
  • The tuition fees this year are:
    • $20/month for the first child  ($100/yr if paid all at once)
    • $10/month for each additional child  ($50/year if paid at once)
If you have questions please send them to the administration (See the contact us section)

ICT Weekend School Pre-Registration Form 2012-2013