The mission of this institution is to Insha’ Allah create an Islamic environment in which we can teach our children the fundamentals of Islam and how to implement these fundamentals in their daily lives based on Allah’s book “Al-Quran”, his Messenger’s authentic sunnah, and in accordance with the understanding and practice of the righteous followers (the sahabah and their followers)


Our 2013/2014 School Motto is 
"My Masjid"

Please welcome our new


Manal Tafish (Oum Omar)


2013/2014 School year in progress.

Rules and Guidelines


1. Your Child will be placed in a proper team) based on a simple evaluation exam (Arabic)

2. Attendance is very important excessive unexcused absents and or tardiness will not be allowed. This is not good for the student and or the teacher.

3. Some children with no or very little knowledge may have to be placed with children a lot younger than them. Although the school staff will explain this, It is your job, the parent, to talk to your child that he should feel comfortable.  If there are issues please contact the administration and/or teachers.

4. Parents should provide their child a snack or bag lunch.

5. Please be part of your child's Islamic educational success. Few hours a week are simply not enough and the school focus is on key Islamic, Quran, and Arabic education.  Parents should spend some additional time with your child to review and reinforce what is being learned.