Host Institute

The Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), better known as the University Institute of Chemical Technology (UDCT). This premier institute is acclaimed globally for its successes in education and research in Chemical Engineering,  Chemical Technology and Pharmacy. The Institute recently completed 75 years and is committed to nurturing and developing minds for the future of India and the world.

Department of Chemical Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering, Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT), Mumbai is the leading Chemical Engineering Department in the country. International surveys conducted by Professor Jude Sommerfield of Georgia Tech, USA have ranked the department as number one in the country since 1964 for every five-year period as well as every year since 2006, which included all IITs and IISc. Besides it is among top 12 departments in the world, and in terms of productivity as measured by papers per faculty per dollar spent, it is the number one in the world. The number of papers published in peer-reviewed journals per faculty is also the highest in India. The FIST programme of DST has revealed that the Chemical Engineering Department is the best department in all engineering departments in India. The value and impact of our research is reflected in the number of papers per faculty member, high impact factor per paper, and the number of citations for papers of Chemical Engineering Department. Collaborative Academic Programs have been initiated with international institutes such as Purdue University, Kansas University and, CSIR labs. Faculty members as well as students in Chemical Engineering have received several fellowships/awards of INSA, IAS, NAS, INAE, IIChE, etc. Computational fluid dynamics, cavitation and sonochemistry, harnessing solar energy, CO2 sequestration and conversion, membrane technology, soft matter, catalysis, nanotechnology, bioenergy and biopharmaceuticals, etc. are some of the areas in which active research is being carried out in the department.