Connecting Students with Mobis and Smartpens


Sue Glascoe
Mesa Community College
Math Department

Website: http://tech4mathed.com/
Twitter:  tech4mathed
Email:  tech4mathed.sg@gmail.com
LinkedIn:  Sue Glascoe

I will be giving a hands-on workshop on the use of the Livescribe smarpen and the eInstruction Mobi to keep students engaged in their learning. 

The outline for this workshop will be as follows (times are tentative - but necessary to get through all the topics!):

 12:30 - 2:15pm  TOPIC   DETAILS  


Intro to Livescribe smartpens  
You will learn to use the Livescribe smartpen with the Livescribe paper to create 
static text or animations (after uploading the pencast to the computer)
You will also be introduced to some of the applications that can be 
used on the smartpen.


Inside the classroom
We will discuss the pros and cons of students taking notes with a
smartpen and how I share the notes with the entire class.


Outside the classroom
During this time I will show you several ways I use the smartpen
outside of class to share information with my students.    This
tool allows students to remain engaged in their learning outside of class
very easily!


Your Livescribe Activity 

We will take about 10 minutes for you to do an activity with
the pens on your own.   These will be uploaded after
the workshop and housed on this website (there is a link on
the activity page where I will place them)


Introduction to the Mobi

I will introduce you to the eInstruction Mobi and how I use it to
keep students engaged during class and create videos
for them to use outside of class.


Your Mobi Activity

We will take about 10 minutes for you to do an activity in groups with the Mobi.
I will place your activities on the site after the workshop for you to see them.


and wrap-up
I have listed other resources here for you to use after the workshop. 
I will not take down this website, so you will always have access
to it if you want a refresher!