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Welcome to a web-based tour of
the ICT Library on Info Island!

The ICT Library has three main areas, the Main Library, the Display Deck, and the SLED Picayune office . A teleport hub exists in various places to move visitors around.

Main Library

Ground Floor: Contains free scripts and tools, as well as displays of vendor-made tools. Toward the back, there is a display of educational projects in SL.

Second Floor: The ICT Shop, where some educational tools are sold. In the back, there are reference materials about research done on multi-user virtual environments.

Third Floor: Displays of various in-world efforts related to education.

For more information about scripts and scripted tools in the ICT Library, see the catalog.

Display Deck

A patio area outside the Main Library that has a number of SL technologies made to help educators display information. This includes slide-show related tools, message boards, and sketch pads. Many of these same tools are available for free in the "Scripted Tools" vendor that is located in the Main Library itself. 

Connected to the Display Deck is a "Holodeck," made and donated by Professor Eisenberg. A second Virtual Reality Room (model VRR 230) is 300 meters above the display deck. It was made and donated by Stephane Zugzwang. One can teleport to that location. In the very back corner of the plot is the Holodeck Room by Loki Clifton & Bishop Carroll. This device allows one to build rooms that can be rezzed on command.  See the "On Display Only" page for more information and pictures.

SLED Picayune Office

This is the in-world newspaper that covers news, events, people, and technology related to education. See the SLED Picayune page for more details.