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A special thanks to all the sponsors of the ICT Library!


- Lorelei Junot (Second Life Library 2.0; Donation of land on Info Island)
- Adiatha Bishop - [http://www.adiatha.com]
- CoyoteAngel Dimsum
- AngryBeth Shortbread (designer/builder of ICT Library)


- SimTeach.com
- Eloise Pasteur


- Kat Lemieux
 - Hugo Plessis


- Pathfinder Linden
- Nathan Oddfellow of PixelTrix
- Virginia Tech's Office of Educational Research & Outreach
- Aliqui Ennui
- Candide LeMay
- TechSoup.org
- Stephane Zugzwang [donated VRR 230]
- Professor Eisenberg [donated Holodeck]

Value added for Sponsors

The ICT Library is a public information center for all who are interested in education in Second Life. As such, its presence will be advertised in the SL "Find Places," announced on listservs available to education groups within and outside of SL, and discussed at SL & RL education events. As of May 16, 2006, the ICT Library was listed on the "RL Education Places in SL" networked kiosk, which is on display throughout the SL universe. Sponsors who sell products or who want to advertise education initiatives are encouraged to take note of the niche market the ICT library serves.

When both parties have agreed to a sponsorship arrangement, the ICT Library will provide the sponsor with the benefits outlined below. The sponsor agrees to post a 1-prim sign (to be given at time of agreement) in an appropriate place (or places)  indicating he/she/they are sponsors of the ICT Library.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

All sponsor's name will also be listed on the ICT Library "Welcome" notecard. Gold and above will also have a TP location, URL, and picture listed on the "Welcome" card if so desired. Sponsors must furnish pictures (with full rights) to the ICT Library manager. Sponsorships are per calendar year. All sponsors will be contacted with updates to the Library if they so desire.

ICT Library Friends & Colleagues

SL name listed on Sponsor's Notecard. This level of membership is created for individuals who wish to be associated with the library and who provided service or gift(s)-in-kind.

Oak [L$100-499]

SL name listed on Sponsor's Notecard

Granite [L$500-1,999]

SL name listed on Sponsor's Notecard; embedded notecard snapshot

Bronze [L$2,000]

Picture on photo board. A picture of choice [within acceptable community guidelines] that appears on a picture board through which individual visitors can scroll.

Silver [L$5,000] 

Hanging sign & Simple Notecard. An individual sign hanging in the library in one of the halls. Upon touching the sign, visitors will be given a notecard describing the sponsor's products or initiatives (the display sign measures 1.5 x 1.85 x .15 m).

Gold [L$10,000]

Hanging sign & Advanced Notecard. Silver benefits, plus a TP link to the coordinates of the sponsor's location, and an option to include a URL pointing to the sponsor's website.

Platinum [L$15,000]

Hanging sign, Advanced Notecard, & Map Hub. Silver & Gold level benefits, plus a listing (with picture) on a map hub found in the library, which will telelport visitors directly to the sponsor's location.

Lindenium [L$25,000]

Prominent hanging signs (up to 2), Advanced Notecard, Map hub, and (if desired) up to 60 seconds of narrated audio/video to play on the "ICT-TV" of the ICT Library. Silver, Gold, and Platinum level benefits + SLED Picayune discount. Additonally, the sponsor's sign will be hung on two floors of the ICT Library.

SLED Picayune Sponsorship

The SLED Picayune is an in-world publication for educators, librarians, and those associated with similar endeavours. It is published once per week (or very nearly). The SLED Picayune is distributed via kiosks located across SL's main grid and sent out via the Group Notice feature for two different in-world groups (membership of over 2,000 SL residents as of April 2007). The kiosks receive approximately 1,000 hits per week. Many of these users are new to SL and are not on the SLED listserv.

In addition to becoming a Silver to Lindenium level supporter of the ICT Library, sponsors can choose to pay a per-week agreement for a section of the SLED Picayune.  The cost is L$650 per month (paid monthly).


Arranging a Sponsorship Agreement

To become a sponsor of the ICT Library, simply contact Milosun Czervik within SL. Sponsorship dues are paid up front, one time per year.



Sponorship offers can be refused by the ICT Library management. Sponsorship signs within the library will reflect good taste (according to PG sim regulations) and advertise the name of the sponsor only (no "for sale" signs). All sponsorship notes will include a disclaimer that the ICT Library is not responsible for actions by the sponsor or information the sponsor may display at his/her/their SL location or website. Once terms are agreed, no refund is possible. Accounting for sponsorship funds will be made available to sponsors upon request.