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SLED Picayune Office in SL: 3rd Floor of the ICT Library

SLED Picayune Overview

The SLED Picayune is a news resource for educators, trainers, librarians working in Second Life. (SLED is a mashup of "SL + education").

It is published via two mechansims: Primarily, it is a blog, but headlines and other content, such as landmarks, also appear on a notecard within SL. Those notecards are distributed via a kiosk (shown below). Touching a kiosk will distribute the card.

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May 2007: Vol. 3, No. 1 - current

Jan. 2007 - May 2007: Vol. 2, No. 1-14

Sept. 2006 - Dec. 2007: Vol. 1, No. 1-16


What kind of news appears in the SLED Picayune?

The Picayune picks up a good deal of its main content from the Second Life Educators' listserv (SLED listerv), which is a very busy list averaging 40 messages per day or more. Some news is submitted directly to the

Additionally, the SLED Picayune's blog is linked to other blogs and websites that might be dedicated to one specific aspect of SL-related education (such as the NMC Campus Observer or blogs by individual professors). Below is a graphic of how the different sources of information contribute to the Picayune  (click for larger image):

About the SLED Picayune

Started in August 2006, the SLED Picayune is an in-world publication for educators, librarians, and those associated with similar endeavours. The blog is regularly updated, and the in-world version is published approximately per week. Milosun Czervik created SLED Picayune and established it in Second Life with the help of Intellagirl Tully, who served as the managing editor for Volume 1.

The SLED Picayune is distributed via kiosks located across SL's main grid and sent out via the Group Notice feature for two different in-world groups (membership of over 2,000 SL residents as of April 2007). The kiosks receive approximately 700 hits per week.

The paper shares its name with the famous Bloom County Picayune (cartoon by Berke Breathed), and New Orleans Times-Picayune. The word itself is taken to mean "of little importance," though my use of it more for its unique sound and character!

Where to get your copy!

The SLED Picayune is on a notecard that can only be obtained within Second Life. Simply find a SLED Picauyune kiosk (examples shown below, click for larger image) and touch it! A copy will be delivered to you automatically.


Contributing to the SLED Picayune

If you would like to contribute to the SLED Picayune, please contact Milosun Czervik in Second Life, or send an email to: sledpicayune -at-  gmail  . com, or leave a message at the the SLED Picayune office on the 3rd floor of the ICT Library on Info Island.

updated June 7, 2007