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SpeakEasy by Dudeney Ge
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Welcome to SpeakEasy!

SpeakEasy will save you time during events, training seminars or on other occasions where you need to speak a lot of text to a group of people and don't really have the time to type it all out (or your typing is rotten, like mine). SpeakEasy reads text from a notecard and speaks it in public chat, as if it were coming from you.

SpeakEasy is designed to be worn as a HUD (Heads-Up Display) and sit in the top left-hand corner of your Second Life screen. Once you have it in your inventory, right-click it and choose 'Wear'. It should then appear in the top left-hand corner as a blue rectangle with black border. You will see some speech bubbles and the word SpeakEasy.

All you need then do is replace the lines in the 'speakme' notecard with lines you want to speak out loud. Right-click the HUD and choose 'Edit', then click on the 'Content' tab. Double click the notecard called 'speakme' and add the text to be spoken, line by line. Note that there is a 255 character limit on any line that can be read out - after the first 255 character (including spaces) have been read, the rest will simply be truncated, and you will be none the wiser.  When you have finished editing the notecard, save it and close it. Now click on the 'X' to exit Edit mode, and the HUD will reset itself to read your new first line.

Each time you click SpeakEasy, one line from the notecard will be read out. When you reach the end of the notecard, SpeakEasy will inform you (the owner) that there is nothing left to say, and will reload the notecard at line one.

The script and all notecards have been left modifiable, should you want to change anything. The SpeakEasy HUD is also full rights, so please feel free to texture it to your liking.  This is an adaptation of an original idea by Janor Slichter.