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Serial Chat Feeder 2.0 by Janor Slichter
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How to Configure/Use the Serial Chat Feeder HUD v2.0

You can use the Serial Chat Feeder HUD to put into chat text you would otherwise type repetitively.  It is called *serial* because, by clicking a single button, you can put successive lines of text from a notecard into chat, while still appearing (sort of) that you typed the text.  Because the text is actually being put into chat by an object, it is likely to have a different color than text typed by any avatars (default color is green).  It is intended to save wear and tear on your fingers when chatting a lecture or tour that requires the same text every time.

WHAT'S NEW - Version 2 includes the ability to load mulitple notecards, and to specify a particular line number to move to and display from the currently selected notecard.


First, you must load your notecards into the HUD.  To do this, wear the HUD (or "attach HUD" if you wish to display it in a position other than top left), right-click on it, and select "Edit".  Select the "Contents" tab.  If no tabs are visible, you may need to click the "More" button to display tabs in the Edit window.  Drag and drop your chat notecards from your inventory onto the HUD's Contents tab. 

To make it easier for you to tell which line to jump to, your notecards may include line numbers, but they must be separated from the actual text to be displayed by two colons ("::").

Your notecards' names will be used in the dialog menu you will use to switch between them, so your best bet is to limit your notecard names to 12 characters.  Still, you should be sure to be descriptive enough to distinguish between different notecards.  HINT: use abbreviations.  Also, to avoid problems, do not use the words "Next" or "Prev" for your notecards.  Furthermore, note that this notecard's name begins with an asterisk ("*") to prevent it from being included in the list of available notecards for chat feeding.


To use the HUD, simply find it in your inventory, right-click on it, and select "Wear". 

The left-hand button (New Notecard) is used for switching between notecards.  It will present a dialog containing a menu of available notecards.  This menu will be paged into groups of 9 if the HUD contains more than 12 notecards.  When you select a notecard, the HUD will confirm that the notecard has been selected.  This confirmation is only visible to you; it does not occur in public chat.  When you wear the HUD, it automatically selects the first notecard.

The right-hand button (Feed the Chat) is used for telling the HUD to put the next line of text from the notecard into chat.  Simply click it, and it will do its job.  When it reaches the end of the notecard, it loops back around to the beginning.

To move to a particular line of text within the notecard, the HUD actually uses a command on a private chat channel.  For instance, to move to and display the 5th line of text in a notecard, give the following command: