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The ICT Library is a not-for-profit endeavor (Second Life-only) created to reach out to members of the educational and training community working within Second Life (SL). Funds received from sponsors will be used to expand the knowledge of SL members who are interested in using this virtual environment as a way to mediate classes or training.

It is based on a premise of taking information related to education in SL that exists on websites and various blogs, etc., and putting it in SL for display and demonstration. The library will help solve the difficulty many new educators have in finding useful tools and ideas (rather than leave it to serendipity). Central to the Library's goals is the tenet that outreach to educators is essential in helping expand understanding and knowlege of media tools. Specifically, the ICT Library will:

  • serve as a repository of tools and scripts that would be useful for instruction (both commercial and "free" tools)
  • give hints and tips about how to best use the virtual environment to promote higher levels of thinking and constructivist approaches to learning
  • provide case studies of how educators are using tools
    show pictures/descriptions of innovative educational projects
  • offer small grants to spur innovation in educational implementation